932-episode Twitch Pokémon marathon comes with 'Badge Collector' extension

Twitch announced today that the next Twitch Presents mega-marathon is Pokémon—16 movies and 19 television seasons of it, to be exact. The marathon will kick off on Monday, August 27 at 10 am Pacific with Pokémon's Indigo League arc, and will run into 2019.  

You can find the full schedule and language support details on the TwitchPresents channel. Here are the most important times:

  •  Eight hours of new episodes will air every day from Monday through Thursday. 
  •  Reruns will air on Friday and Saturday on the alternate TwitchPresents channel
  •  A Pokémon movie will air every Sunday at 10 am Pacific on the main channel.   

In the spirit of Twitch's interactivity, a special Twitch extension has been prepared for the marathon: the "Pokémon Badge Collector," which "encourages viewers to 'collect' Pokémon badges that appear on-screen for points that place them on a leaderboard." You can watch the extension in action below: 

Twitch business development director Jane Weedon says the extension "will let viewers collect Pokémon when they appear on-screen for the ultimate interactive viewing experience." It remains to be seen how well it will register the Pokémon appearing in the show, but it's a nice little idea in a demastered Pokémon GO kind of way. And it's only fitting to let viewers in on the fun after the saga that was Twitch Plays Pokémon.  

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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