6 Ways Just Cause 2 & Deus Ex: Human Revolution grant SHIELD gamers freedom

GeForce NOW is designed to give NVIDIA SHIELD owners a high degree of freedom. Subscribing to the service means you free yourself from pains like long install times, bloated hard drives, and the agony of having to lower settings to get a decent frame rate. That’s because the service, which costs just $7.99 a month (with one month free), lets you easily stream over 60 hit games through the cloud with performance backed by powerful NVIDIA Pascal architecture that lets every game shine. 

That sense of freedom is what makes it so appropriate that Just Cause 2 and Deus Ex: Human Revolution are the latest games to launch on GeForce NOW. Like NVIDIA’s slick streaming service, both games are designed to give you the freedom to game how you like. The fact that they’re also included with your GeForce NOW membership is an incredible value indeed.

Below, we showcase six ways these two games let you game the way you want. If reading our list gets you excited to play, you’re in luck: Just Cause 2 and Deus Ex: Human Revolution are now both available to stream on NVIDIA SHIELD with a GeForce NOW membership at no additional cost. 

And be sure to update your SHIELD TV with the latest Software Update 5.0. Not only does it add support for games like Human Revolution, it also brings a host of improvements like Android OS 7.0 Nougat to your device.

Go Anywhere, Do Anything

Boot up Just Cause 2 on GeForce NOW and you’ll find yourself transported to the gorgeous island setting of Panau. The map is littered with various landmarks, points of interest, and markers that denote the various missions you can take on. Whereas most games would put you on a linear path, in Just Cause 2 you chart your own course. 

You can take on a story mission to advance the game’s plot, embark on side missions like liberating oppressed settlements to help the locals, or go jump out of a plane and skydive because you can. For gamers who don’t like to be limited or told what to do, Just Cause 2 is a dream come true.

Battle Plan

The other game to debut on GeForce NOW is also concerned with player empowerment. Deus Ex: Human Revolution is the third chapter in the celebrated franchise that earned its sterling reputation by emphasizing player choice. Hero Adam Jensen’s advanced augmentations give him abilities ordinary humans can only dream of. This allows you to tackle your missions in a number of unique and satisfying ways. 

For instance, an early mission requires you to infiltrate a Sarif Industries manufacturing plant that’s under siege by a terrorist group. You can kick down the doors and go in guns hot. You can activate your active camo and sneak past the enemy, or you can climb up to the roof and get in through an access door. Those are just three of the choices available to you, and every mission is designed to let you pick the solution that best fits your individual style.

It’s The Journey Not The Destination

Human Revolution is very story driven, so Adam doesn’t stray too far from the task at hand. Just Cause 2’s Rico Rodriguez, however, has a ton of time to dismantle the oppressive regime that rules Panau. As such, he’ll trek all over the island to ply his trade, and the game offers tons of ways for him to get around. You can own the roads in cars and motorcycles, rule the waves with different types of boats, and cruise at high altitude in sweet helicopters and planes.

Rico also has a parachute that lets him access far off places and survive long distance falls. His grappling hook can also double as a method of conveyance: either hook onto vehicles and catch a ride or use it to slingshot yourself up into the air like a superhero.

Body Builder

While he isn’t as active as his Just Cause 2 counterpart, Adam Jensen is no slouch when it comes to slick moves. Over time, you can upgrade his augmentations to unlock some incredible possibilities. For instance, you can add Sprint Enhancement to your legs to run like the wind and grab the Wall-Penetrating Imager for your eyes to gain X-Ray vision. You can also add useful skills like the advanced hacking ability Robot Domination, which lets you hack any robots you encounter. The upgrade system offers a ton of variety and flexibility, so you have the freedom to build whatever version of Adam Jensen that fits your needs. 

Weapons Dealer

Rico doesn’t have a cybernetic body that he can upgrade like Adam does, but he can gain access to a black market arms dealer. Dial up this shady character and you can spend the money you gain during your exploits on new weapons and vehicles. Again, it’s up to you to decide how to spend your money. If you like to get up close and personal, a sawed-off shotgun might be your first purchase. If you feel like you need some extra boom in your life, perhaps you plunk down cash for the Multi-Lock Missile Launcher. 

You can also tailor your personal garage with some awesome vehicles. Rough and tumble types will love the armored Hedge Wildchild off-roader, which comes complete with a machine gun turret. Speed demons will love the Garret Traver-Z sports coupe, which is capable of burning serious rubber. No matter what your needs are, Just Cause 2 has a weapon or vehicle that’ll put a smile on your face.

The Right Choice At The Right Time

In both Just Cause 2 and Human Revolution, the fate of the world is in your hands. In Rico’s case, you have a large say in the condition Panau is in before you trigger the final act. Will you liberate all the settlements and completely dismantle the regime’s stranglehold on power before you deliver the crushing blow? Or will you race towards your objective in the hopes that defeating the final boss will be enough to restore peace?

In Human Revolution, the choices are far trickier to navigate. There are key points in the game where your decisions affect the storyline and the potential ending that you will see. There is also a penultimate choice that you must make towards the very end that has major implications for the human race. Again, the power to decide is in your hands throughout the game, and the tough choices you will face can be as terrifying as they are liberating.

Your Game Served Your Way

As you can see, both Just Cause 2 and Deus Ex: Human Revolution empower you to game without limitations. This is why they’re such a great fit for GeForce NOW, which is also designed to let NVIDIA SHIELD owners play without worry. If you’re a member, you can start creating your own adventure in these fantastic titles right away. If you’re not a member, you can go here to get started. On top of all the benefits you’ll receive, you’ll get your first month free.

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