4TB WD Black hard drive down to £120

These days, you'll be needing a fast SSD as the main drive on your new PC, but that doesn't mean good old fashioned spinning hard drives are a thing of the past. SSDs are great for Windows and your games, but if you've got a ton of movies and music, there's no point forking over a bunch of cash when they'll run just as well from your HDD. The Western Digital Black 4TB is our favorite rotating disk drive for this very purpose, and it's down to £120 on Amazon right now. 

The price tends to hover around £188, and the cheapest it's ever been was £173 around Black Friday last year, so £120 is rather a large saving. As for the specifications, it spins at 7200 RPM has a 64MB cache, and sustains up to 171 MB/s over the SATA 6Gb/s interface. Plus it has a couple of extra handy features like a five year warranty, and Western Digital's Vibration Control Technology. This apparently protects your drive from vibrations when it's not isolated from the rest of your PC chassis, improving its long-term reliability. 

At its current price of £120, that's about three pence per Gigabyte, a bargain any way you look at it. The WD Black 4TB will make a great secondary drive to any of the best SSDs around in your gaming PC.

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