2D brawler Flynn: Son of Crimson looks wonderful in motion

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There's not enough red in PC gaming. Everyone's always on about the oranges and blues, the blacks and whites, the purples and yellows. That's training-wheel contrast, says I. Red is where it's at. At least, according to Flynn: Son of Crimson, a delightful-looking 2D brawler that's now on Kickstarter. Studio Thunderhorse is asking for $40,000 to bring Flynn to life, and at the time of writing, has raised $16,000 with 25 days left in its campaign.

Flynn: Son of Crimson is quite evidently, quite joyfully, a fast-paced action game. Flynn can swap between four crimson weapons—a balanced sword, fast claws, a heavy axe, and a swift bow—at will, creating and closing gaps and stringing together flashy combos. 

I adore the red streaks left behind by Flynn's attacks. Not only do they provide visual flair, they clearly communicate where your attacks land, which is something 2D games often struggle with. Everything looks tight and responsive, which is likely a function of Thunderhorse's 'game feel'-first design philosophy. 

Outside of combat, the pixel art on display here is still gorgeous. It's the little details that make it. The way Flynn's chest rises as he breathes, the way he slouches and stretches his shoulders when he stands, the way his dog companion flicks his ears in the leaf-carrying breeze. Lovely stuff, even in relative stillness.  

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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