23 Realtime Worlds devs re-hired for MyWorld

Twenty three former Realtime Worlds employees have been offered their jobs back. They've been asked to resume work on Project: MyWorld , following interest in the social game from investors.

On Wednesday, 157 of over 200 Realtime Worlds employees lost their jobs as corporate restructuring firm Begbies Traynor began to tackle the job of restructuring and selling the Dundee company to help offset its accrued debts, estimated at £3m. Joint administrator Ken Pattullo said: “As a smaller entity, MyWorld is attracting considerable interest from potential buyers. Twenty three members of the team who had been working on the project clearly add value to it as a standalone business, hence the fact we have been able to offer a limited number of those jobs back.” Project: MyWorld originally had around 60 team members working on the social world-building game, which was initially expected in 2011 before Realtime Worlds went into administration.

We'll be keeping an eye on MyWorld, as well as APB's ongoing patch process, and keep you updated on how they look.