1000 Smite beta keys up for grabs - plus win ALL the gods

With the Mayan apocalypse imminent, we imagine you're looking to your god to save you. Well, in a link so tenuous even Kevin Bacon would have trouble joining the dots, we're giving away 1,000 codes for the closed Beta of Smite , an arena battler where you choose from a selection of gods as your champion.

Smite recently got a whopping update, which includes the addition of a Domination mode and loads of balancing tweaks. Interestingly, one god per game can be vetoed by the highest-ranked player, forcing teams to change tactics.

So, now really is the time to get involved (especially if a giant solar flare is about to wipe out humanity after all).

Grab yourself a key here – first come, first served . We'll send out keys to the winners on Monday 17 December.

Enjoy playing god. You can even play as Mayan god - and winning Scrabble score - Xbalanque, if you think that'll spare you from the apocalypse. Speaking of which, we've also got three Ultimate God Packs to give away to you lucky folks. They unlock all 26 Gods currently in-game, and another four leading up to release. They're worth a decent chunk of cash ($30 each), so get involved.

All you need to do to be in with a shot of winning is leave us a comment below or drop us an email at pcgamer@futurenet.com with the subject line "Smite God Giveaway" telling us what you'd do if you were god for a day. Like Jim Carey in Bruce Almighty, only with less rubber-faced japery. Keep it clean-ish, please.