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0h Game Jam: British Summer Time inspires indie devs, renders clocks meaningless

The end of British Summer Time was the start of something great, as a bunch of indie developers used the twilight un-hour between 02.00am and 02.00am to make some games. Well, 57 games to be precise. These include KITTEN PAPER ("Kitten wants to kill toilet paper", reads the description), Fight Against Evil Turquoise Cubes ("Those cubes are evil and probably also kill puppies"), and Super Afro High Five ("A game about afros, giving high five"). You can find the full selection here , as pointed out by IndieGames .

It's an excellent idea for a game jam - so excellent that it's happening again in five days, when the US and Canada have their own clock-a-mamey things going on. You can catch that event on November 4th, or as the Americans write it, 04/11/3/26/Q. In the meantime, there are 57 wonderfully strange games waiting to be played .