XCOM's Slingshot DLC gets trailered ahead of today's release

XCOM's Slingshot add-on will be available from later today, presumably once the Steam engine rumbles into life and starts pumping out releases. The pack adds three new China-based Council missions that will integrate into your campaigns. In preparation, Firaxis have released this video teaser of what those missions involve.

I'll be honest, I'm conflicted about this one. On the one hand, while it's nice to see a location with a bit of regional personality to it, I don't really care for a new batch of Council missions. But on the other hand, check out those new customisations! There's a beret! Finally a way to cover up my squad's ridiculous hair, without obscuring their ridiculous faces behind a helmet.

If, for some mad reason, you're actually more interested in what your soldiers could be doing than what they might look like, we've previously previewed what each of Slingshot's missions expect you to do.


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