Wildstar video details the explosive strategy behind PvP Warplots

Last week, Wildstar introduced the general concept behind its PvP Warplots: 40 vs 40 hovering battlegrounds that max-level players can own and customise. That's the pitch, but what about the specifics of a single battle. Step forward Carbine's theatrical DevSpeak series. The latest shows how a large team can be organised and deployed around the strategically designed death-traps.

Warplots are one of Wildstar's Elder Game features, available when players hit the magic Level 50. Both plots sit side-by-side as both teams have at them. For the winners, there's pride and loot; for the losers, there's only shame and destruction.

Before PvP fans hit max-level, they'll be able to participate in the game's Battlegrounds and Arenas , as well in open-world duels.

Wildstar is due out June 3rd.


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