Valiant Hearts: The Great War release date announced, trailer shows drama, heroes, and a dog

Phil Savage

I swear, Ubisoft, if anything happens to that dog, I'll... er, well probably just a have a little cry about it. I bet that's exactly what they want, too, the monsters. Valiant Hearts: The Great War may be a puzzle-based adventure game, but, as you can see from the tone of this new trailer, the character-led look at World War 1 won't be afraid to play with your emotions when it releases on June 25th.


Valiant Hearts looks at the war through the perspective of a French POW, an American volunteer, a Belgian combat medic, a British pilot and a German infantryman. And the dog, who links the separate story threads of the game's main cast. The game is due out on June 25th.

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