For most games, you wouldn't get away with releasing a series of screenshots depicting menus. But for 4X strategy buffs, a nice menu is appreciated like an FPS fan appreciates a perfectly recreated gun. Or like an RTS fan appreciates some topographical terrain. Or even like a Saints Row fan appreciates a weaponised dildo. As these screenshots show, Endless Space's Disharmony expansion has some particularly nice menus. The space explosions are really just a bonus.

Also a bonus: the expansion's release date has been set for the 28th of June.

The expansion brings the new Harmony faction, along with enhanced game AI, and a reworked battle system. "We added fighters and bombers, flying space with quasi-realistic-sci-fi flight models, killing each other in dogfights, raiding capital ships," write Amplitude. Head here for more details on the expansion's added features.

On release of the expansion, developer Amplitude will also release the ‘Sheredyn Faction’ and ‘Endless Hero’ from the Emperor Edition, as well as additional "Automaton ship models". These gifts will be provided free to all players, whether they buy Disharmony or not.