Torment: Tides of Numenera to license Pillars of Eternity technology

InXile Entertainment's upcoming Torment: Tides of Numenera is licensing technology from another prominent, in-development RPG—Obsidian's Pillars of Eternity . Both are reboots of classic RPG experiences we know from the past, but according to a new update from Torment project lead Kevin Saunders, the partnership should allow InXile designers to get a head start in some key areas.

"Torment's code base will thus include the most relevant components of [Pillars of Eternity's] technology and Wasteland 2's ," writes Saunders. "We're making enhancements to best suit Torment, and some systems will of course be completely new as Torment's design is its own."

The licensing will offer the studio a "stronger starting point," in particular when it comes to creating 2D environments for the Kickstarter project, according to Saunders. Since we've seen a bit more of what Pillars of Eternity has planned for its environment art , I'd say this is a positive collaboration. Saunders also maintains the move should mean more manpower can be devoted to other areas of the game.

"Recall that 100% (and more) of the crowdfunded monies are allocated to development of Torment," he writes. "So anything that saves effort means that we have more to spend elsewhere on Torment. This arrangement benefits both games and we continue to push Torment as far as we can in terms of quality."

The devblog also gives a deep—and granular—amount of detail into the ideas informing Torment's inventory and loot systems, a pair of gameplay mechanics that normally sit at the heart of any ambitious RPG. You can get the full run-down on that here .

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