The Crew trailer takes you on a drive-through of its social events

I love the gap that exists between the aspiration of Ubisoft's The Crew and the reality of their demos. Even just the name: "The Crew" would suggest a game that wants to be trendy, and cool, and down with some quite possibly fictional demographic. So what are the names of the people this walkthrough trailer focuses on? Fergus, Paul, and Sly. I'm just saying, you wouldn't pay to see that boy-band.

Still, as an MMO racer, The Crew sounds interesting. While I can't see myself ever asking anybody I know to "join my crew", I could happily bounce between arcade races and events through a cut-down version of the US. Alex Dale spent some hands-on time with the game, and you can read his impressions through this link .

The Crew is due out next year.


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