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The best mini-ITX PC cases

Want to build the smallest gaming PC possible? These mini-ITX cases are our top picks.

With PC components getting more powerful and efficient with each new year, it comes as no surprise that the small form factor (SFF) and mini-ITX market has exploded in the last few years. The new blazing fast M.2 form factor NVMe SSDs are much more accessible and CPUs and GPUs are as efficient as ever. You no longer need a big PC to handle high end gaming. 

If you’re looking to build a new compact PC there are a heap of great options but we've gone ahead and picked out the ones we loved working with. They're fun, compact, and usually look great when completed. If you want a build that's easy to move and can still kick ass, a mini-ITX rig might be for you.

That said, mini-ITX cases are often much tighter in terms of clearances and room for error. You'll have to spend more time planning your build, and making sure you buy components that will actually fit inside the case. (Several mini-ITX cases can't handle full-size video cards and power supplies)

It’s worth noting that cable management is key to any mini-ITX build. Mini-ITX cases don't offer a lot of place to stash your wiring mess, so make sure to cut down on cabling as much as you can. If you can use an M.2 SSD (even a SATA-mode M.2), go for it. When choosing a PSU, go for semi- or fully-modular so you can keep the excess out of the case. While these two considerations can keep any rig looking clean, they become even more important when physical space is at a premium.

On a technical note, all case manufacturers define a mini-ITX case as having a maximum of 2 rear slots. All of our choices fit this requirement.

With all of that said, here are our picks for this amazingly fun form-factor.

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Best high-end mini-ITX PC Case

  • Dual window / chamber design
  • Lots of space for watercooling
  • Compatible with large graphics cards
  • Expensive
  • Requires SFX power supply

Lian Li is well known for its simple yet elegant aluminum designs and the new PC-Q37 tastefully adds tempered glass to the mix to become our new overall favorite mini-ITX case. 

Our previous winner, NZXT’s Manta, was the first case to introduce curved steel panels to create an unprecedented amount of space for an ITX case. While the case still remains one of the best mini-ITX options for water cooling, it doesn’t exactly fit the bill for a compact solution. That’s where Lian Li’s PC-Q37 comes in as the perfect solution for a water cooled powerhouse that fits comfortably on your desk. 

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Best Mid-Range Mini-ITX PC Case

  • Good air flow that is directed to GPU and mobo
  • Lots of mounting options for 2.5-inch drives
  • Classy aluminum construction
  • Really tight for installing radiators

If you're looking for an affordable mini-ITX case that looks great and can accommodate a reference-blower graphics card, this case is well worth our attention.

The Enthoo Evolv iTX is great on a number of levels. It's moderately priced, and offers water cooling options and space for a full-length GPU in a form factor that has a much smaller footprint than an ATX tower. 

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Best Budget Mini-ITX PC Case

  • Cheap, cheap, cheap
  • Tiny little cube you can put anywhere
  • Space for two 2.5-inch drives and one 3.5-inch drive
  • Takes an ATX PSU, which is big for this size
  • Cramped quarters for cabling
  • Air flow can easily be restricted by PSU cables
  • No room for water cooling or big aftermarket air coolers

When you boil it down to basics, this case is about as basic as you can get. While feature reduction has it's ups and downs, this case minimizes the negative and offers one of the smallest form factors we've seen.

The Cooler Master Elite 110 is a very inexpensive case that manages to pack all the basics into a tiny form factor. At under a cubic foot in size volume, this little guy is about as small as you can get while still using an ATX power supply. 

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Honorable Mention

  • Carrying handle
  • Supports full-size GPUs (up to 11 inches)
  • Room for two 3.5-inch drives
  • Door design is easy to open and close
  • Cable management is about average

This little case from Corsair offers a portable package and that fits full-size GPUs. We like it, and we've used it as a base for a few systems. The case offers everything you need, including a nice little carrying handle.

The Corsair Graphite 380T is loved by many for its features and size. With room for 11 inches of GPU and water cooling for the CPU, this case does have a lot to offer. 

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Judge me by my size, do you?

When it comes to building PCs, the mini-ITX form factor is where we've seen the vast majority of innovation in design. The small form factor allows for a number of forms for the PC to take, since cases aren't slaved to the long rectangular prism needed to accommodate a full-size ATX board.

While a mini-ITX build takes a little more patience and experience to do well, the rewards are much higher. Having a small, clan build in an interestingly compact package makes you feel good. Mini-ITX rigs make it easier to take your rig to a BYOC LAN party, or play PC games in the living room (if that's your thing).

Big PC power really can come in small packages.

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