Gas Powered Games working on a "free-to-play triple-A MMO," may be renamed

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European strategy gaming giant Wargaming picked up troubled studio Gas Powered Games back in February after its all-in Wildman Kickstarter campaign failed. Though Wildman is no more (for now, at least), Gas Powered’s remainder—including founder Chris Taylor—appears close to completing its Wargaming integration. Speaking to Polygon, Taylor says the studio’s temporary new name is Wargaming Seattle, and it’s now busy with a “free-to-play, triple-A MMO with PVP.”

Wargaming.net acquire Gas Powered Games

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Wargaming.net have just announced that they will acquire Gas Powered Games, along with its CEO and founder Chris Taylor. Taylor had previously been banking GPG's future on a Kickstarter for the RPG/RTS Wildman, despite a round of staff lay-offs taking place just after the campaign's launch. The funding drive was recently cancelled, but clearly garnered enough public interest to prompt the World of Tanks developer into making an offer.

Chris Taylor cancels Wildman Kickstarter with four days and $600K to go

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With over half a million dollars left to raise and only a few days remaining, Gas Powered Games founder Chris Taylor has canceled the Wildman Kickstarter campaign. Taylor didn't say what will happen to the hybrid RPG/RTS or Gas Powered Games, just that it makes sense to focus attention on "other ways" to keep the studio running.

PC Gamer UK Podcast: Episode 84 - Nuclear Idiot

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This week, Chris and Toms Senior and Francis talk Teleglitch, SimCity, Crysis 3 multiplayer and more. Includes our thoughts on the troubles at Gas Powered Games, Jon Blow's next game, and your
questions from Twitter.

Chris Taylor asks backers whether he should continue with Wildman Kickstarter

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Following the news of layoffs at Gas Powered Games, studio head Chris Taylor has issued a video statement explaining the situation, in addition to asking backers whether he should continue with the Kickstarter campaign, considering everything that's happened in the last couple of days.

Layoffs hit Gas Powered Games just after launching $1.1M Kickstarter campaign

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Kotaku is reporting that "almost everyone" has been laid off at developer Gas Powered Games. That's from an anonymous source, but Chris Taylor, founder of GPG, later e-mailed Kotaku to confirm that layoffs have occurred, though not how many.

Wildman update video shows early gameplay, details DRM, engine, canned corn

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Chris Taylor has a lot of things to say about Gas Powered Games' RTS/RPG hybrid Wildman. We know, because we chiseled them all down on a reading rock coveted by our tribe. More information surfaced today as part of an update to backers of Wildman's Kickstarter campaign, as a still-unscathed Taylor stepped in front of the camera to show off a rough in-game ruckus and talk about DRM (spoiler: none), the game's proprietary engine, and multiplayer.

Chris Taylor on Wildman: "What if I tell people my wife's gonna cut my balls off?"

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Sometimes the best part of an interview comes after the interview is over, and sometimes when we say something like, "I'm gonna lead with that," we have to keep our word. I won't make you work for it: Chris Taylor's balls become fixtures in the conversation on the third page.

But first, Taylor had a essay's worth of thoughts on Gas Powered Games' new crowdfunded project, Wildman, and the rising Kickstarter island. For more about the game, read our preview and Q&A.

Chris Taylor's secret project is Wildman, a barbaric RPG/RTS hybrid

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Gas Powered Games, developers of Supreme Commander and Dungeon Siege, are now mashing those two things together into an RPG/RTS hybrid called Wildman. You play as one warrior in a large battle, gradually upgrading yourself, the allied army, and your control over them. And they're asking you to fund it, through Kickstarter.