Saints Row IV refused classification in Australia, a first for new ratings guidelines

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The upcoming Saints Row IV has been "refused classification" in Australia today, effectively banning it from release, according to a press release from the Classification Board of the Australian government.

Modding Saints Row is about to get a whole lot easier

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The Saints Row games do not officially support modding - although that's hardly stopped fans from cracking them open and making them the hard way. Well, things are about to get a whole lot easier thanks to developer Volition, who are giving their support to the modding community by proving a package containing "documentation, file formats, tools, and more", which will go towards creating "what is essentially a full sdk" for Saints Row: The Third. Even more exciting is the suggestion that this is a "test run" for a similar set of tools for the upcoming Saints Row IV.

Saints Row 4 system specs announced

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Get ready for the most sensible Saints Row 4 news piece you will ever read. There will be no dubstep gun, no super-powers, no Presidential swagger. Instead, it's cold, hard statistics, as we take a look at the recently announced system specs for the increasingly ridiculous open world sequel. Who needs a multi-foot rubber phallus when you've got adequate amounts of RAM?

Freespace IP returns to Interplay for just $7,500

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In the rush to place dibs on THQ's former properties, Freespace must have been kicked into some dusty corner of the office. Surely that's the only reason it was so neglected, with the space combat sim's IP rights finally being sold to Interplay for a meagre $7,500. That's according to a court document, filed on June 4th, and unearthed by Polygon.

Saints Row 4 also gets an E3 trailer, featuring nudity, swearing and mech suits

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It's the Day of E3 Trailers, apparently, even though E3 is next week, and there's no law I'm aware of that prohibits games companies from releasing their videos on different days. Nevermind - it means we're afforded another look at the latest in the exponentially ridiculous Saints Row series. The following video features swearing, nudity, stupid hats, mech suits, and actor Keith David starring as 'Keith David'.

Saints Row 4 trailer introduces you to the President of the United States of Ameriwub

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What does a game that's as all out crazy as Saints Row 4 do when it's in danger of being out-sillified by recent releases like Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon? This: the latest trailer for Volition's madcap open-world sequel. It goes all out with dubstep, super-powers, and a President that - at a guess - has never once cared about an opinion poll.

UPDATE: Wait there's more, some in-game footage from PAX showing super speed super jumping, super punching and the like. See both videos below.

Saints Row 4 hails "Commander in Chief" patriotic pre-order pack

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It's finally happened: I've become desensitised to Saints Row's brand of ultra-wackiness. That Volition are offering a free hyper-patriotic Commander in Chief Edition upgrade of Saints Row 4 to pre-orderers is no longer a surprise. The included eagle-shaped jet? Barely a raised eyebrow. The Stars & Stripes skinned 5-in-1 combi-gun? I'd be amazed if it wasn't included.

Saints Row 4's producer: "I don't think that SR's tone gets in the way of bigger sales"

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Aliens, superpowers, inflation lasers, a dubstep gun - judging from its short teaser trailer, Saints Row IV looks to be the most ridiculous game in the series yet. Speaking to OXM, Volition senior producer Jim Boon responded to comments made by Cliff Bleszinski - who suggested the game should tone down its more juvenile elements - saying, "I think our tone is an element of our success."

Volition unconcerned about releasing Saints Row 4 near Grand Theft Auto 5

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Saints Row 4 debuted last week with all the subtlety one might expect from a game with dubstep guns and rocket-launching guitars, and it's eyeballing an August 20 release. That sets up a scant month-long gap between it and Grand Theft Auto 5's planned September launch, and Rockstar's titan has both years of success and a heavy fanbase to bring to bear. Speaking to Eurogamer, Volition Producer Jim Boone says the team isn't worried in the slightest and feels Saints Row is unique enough to stack up to its giant competitor.

Saints Row 4 features a dubstep gun, makes you President of the USA

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How do you top the ridiculously unhinged Saints Row: The Third? Pretty easily, in fact. You top it by adding superpowers, by making the player President of the United States of America, and by giving them a dubstep gun. What's a dubstep gun, you ask? Well, Obviously it's a gun that fires a hot blast of Skrillex, causing civilians to dance like idiots and any cars caught in the blast to bounce around on their hydraulics, having fallen victim to the irresistible power of the wub. Also there are aliens. More details lie beneath the...drop.

Saints Row 4 survey asks about possible Collector's Edition swag

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Deep Silver wants to include the players its decision-making process for the bonus items packaged in the Collector's Edition of Saints Row 4. In a survey guarded by a pair of friendly-looking penguins, the publisher lists several prospective trinkets for you to rate, and in true Saints fashion, they range from functional to silly to "what in the name of all goodness is that?"

Saints Row IV announcement trailer takes leave of its senses

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How silly is Saints Row IV going to be. Well, let's look at what's inside it's announcement trailer.

1. A guitar-shaped rocket launcher. This is quite silly.
2. A head-expanding laser beam. This is very silly.
3. An announcement date of August 20th for the US, and August 23rd for the UK. More informative than silly, really.

THQ remembered: the ten best games

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Farewell then, THQ. Yesterday saw the publisher’s final assets sold off to a variety of buyers, and while many good people (and franchises) managed to find a new home, our thoughts and well-wishes are with those that didn’t. As we’re in a reflective mood, we thought it only appropriate to commemorate the loss of this fine company with a look back at ten of the best games it’s delighted us with over the years.

THQ's franchises and studios to be auctioned off on a "title by title" basis

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We're heading towards the conclusion of THQ's ongoing bankruptcy saga. After the publisher's creditors raised objections over its hoped-for quick sale - objections which were upheld by a US judge - details are emerging about how that sale will eventually go down.

Reinstall: FreeSpace 2

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It's been nearly a decade since anyone released a decent PC space combat game. The masses of overlooked, under-appreciated space shooter fans and I are still pissed about it (though at least Chris Roberts has given us something to look forward to). Some of us may own boxed retail copies of the ’90s classics, but getting them up and running on modern Windows PC environments takes more effort than it's worth. We wanna toast alien fighters with plasma weapons and missiles, not barrel-roll into subdirectories to apply patches or edit config files.

Saints Row: The Third free weekend incoming

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It looks as though we'll all get to play Saints Row: The Third for free this weekend. If you like the idea of blasting through an open city in a VTOL jet that shoots lasers, or calling in a gang of pink ninjas to start a turf war with an army of luchadores then you should certainly check it out, especially if you have a friend to jump in with. Saints Row: The Third is quite excellent in co-op.

As Gamespy note, the free trial is currently only visible in your Steam purchase history. A proper pre-load icon will surely hit Steam libraries later this week.

Saints Row: The Third stats: 2 million killed by dildos, 44 million killed in Whored Mode

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The innocent bystander you just murdered with a giant dildo in Saints Row: The Third isn't alone. He shares a special circle of gaming hell occupied by 1,999,999 other victims who suffered the same terrible fate.

That's just one of the stats turned up by a new post on the Saints Row: The Third site, spotted on Shacknews. 5.8 million player deaths have been recorded across the city, 44 million foes have been killed in Whored Mode, 650 hot dog mascots have been flamethrowered to death and players have collectively spent two years "streaking the streets of Steelport and making old ladies scream." You monsters.

But how many hours have been spent rushing around Steelport as a toilet? I have no idea. Whatever the number, it's not high enough. Follow Graham's guide to being a toilet in Saints Row: The Third to help boost the tally. For the Saints!

Saints Row: The Third released in the UK

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Several days after it was released for the rest of the world Saints Row: The Third has come out in the UK. Huzzah! Now we can finally experience all the fun Tom S had in our Saints Row 3 review! However, like several other recent games, it's missing from the steam store in the UK. Boo! Hiss! This sadly means UK players won't be able to get the Saints Row 3 Team Fortress 2 promotional items. You can, however, still buy the game digitally via Gamersgate, Direct2Drive or Origin.

Once again, we wish we knew why steam is being affected by these absences and no-one else is, but we're being kept in the dark as much as you are. Rest assured, if we ever find out, we'll let you know.

Saints Row: The Third launch trailer revels in its own insanity

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Saints Row 3 has been released in North America and VG247 have spotted a demented celebratory launch trailer. This one is short but sweet, at least compared to the earlier seven minute gameplay trailer. Pay careful attention and you'll spot some of the highlights mentioned in Tom S's Saints Row 3 review. The autotuned pimp is hard to miss, but the car tiger and the cloned Russian super soldiers only appear briefly. That sentence really tells you everything you need to know about Saints Row: The Third.

Those of you outside the UK must have your hands on Saints Row by now, what do you think?

We have a winner! Saints Row: The Third custom PC giveaway

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Congratulations to Logan Tenhet of Tennessee! He's the randomly selected winner of this blinged-out, custom-painted Saints Row: The Third gaming rig, courtesy of THQ. It always makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside to see an awesome prize like this go to a deserving guy like Logan, who says he's been reading PC Gamer since way back in 1995. We know he'll give it a good home.

Now is a fantastic time to have a new PC, since it'll play not just the hilariously great Saints Row: The Third, but also the amazingly awesome Skyrim, the mind-blowingly pretty Battlefield 3, and (eventually) the irritatingly tardy but inevitably awesome Batman: Arkham City.