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Pirate-based YARRRPG Raven's Cry gets May 7th release date

Tom Sykes at

Raven's Cry is not a game about a sulky goth. I know this because I hoped it might be a game about a sulky goth, and then it turned out it was about pirates instead. Still! Pirates are pretty great, as you may have realised if you've shivered your timbers into Assassin's Creed 4. But wouldn't they be even greater if they levelled up and had actual hooks for hands? TopWare seem to think so, and after months with nary a glimpse of their piratey revenge story, they've returned with some new screenshots and a release date. Raven's Cry will set sail on May 7th 2014.

Sacrilegium: TopWare Interactive's new unpronounceable 3D horror title

Henry Winchester at

Sac-ree-lee-jium? Sac-re-ledge-ium? Sac-rile-gium? It’s the game whose name cannot be spoken, not because of the terrifying consequences, but because we don’t know how. It’s a survival horror from Two Worlds developers TopWare Interactive, and it promises to “revive and renew the genre in terms of story and atmosphere”.

The story follows Alex, who travels from San Francisco to somewhere in Europe and encounters a variety of monsters on the way. Maybe the title is a misspelling of "Belgium". There's also a monster called a Moroi, "a creature most resembling a vampire, but able to eat a vampire for breakfast." But what could eat the vampire vampire for breakfast? We shudder to think.

Hook, brine and sinker: Raven's Cry trailer debuts gameplay

Henry Winchester at

Topware's upcoming pirate-based romp Raven's Cry has a new trailer, which shows off some nice CGI jarringly cut with a little gameplay footage. In the game you play as Christopher Raven, a man on a quest for revenge after the slaughter of his family. According to the trailer, "revenge" means "stabbing anything that casts a shadow". There is a lot of impalement in the trailer, but there's respite from the pointy-thing-meets-flesh action when a man's set on fire at the end.