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Heat Signature gains music and art direction, draws closer to becoming a game

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Heat Signature looked promising, albeit barebones, when this lengthy gameplay demonstration released last month, but now Tom Francis (Gunpoint, former PC Gamer scholar) has recruited two composers and an artist to flesh out the space stealth game. Compare the image above with the video here and you'll basically see magic happening.

Heat Signature trailer shows more sneaky spaceship hijacking; Suspicious Developments looking for partners in crime

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Tom Francis—maker of Gunpoint and former wordsman for PC Gamer—is currently working on a game of galactic spacedickery entitled Heat Signature. We've already seen a bit of it here, but that was months ago—I want to see 11 minutes and 21 seconds of how the game is looking now. In a remarkable twist of fate, Francis has uploaded a video of equivalent length here, together with the news that he's looking for an artist and composer to work on the game. Even if you can't draw good or make music good you should probably stick around, as Heat Signature is shaping up to be quite the thing.

Gunpoint gets a new engine and Steam Workshop support, on sale for two days

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Gunpoint is a 2D stealth puzzle game in which you rewire the electronics and security systems of various buildings in order to break in and steal stuff. It came out last summer and we didn't review it, because as it turns out the game's developer, Tom Francis, was a long-time writer for PC Gamer, which led to all sorts of very obvious concerns about bias and conflict of interest. But while we couldn't review it, we can tell you that a rather large patch has gone live that, among other things, converts the game to an entirely new engine. Oh, and it's on sale, too.

Floating Point is a free game by Gunpoint creator Tom Francis, out now on Steam

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Gunpoint creator and PC Gamer alumnus Tom Francis has made a new game. It's called Floating Point, and its about using wire to swing across randomly generated floating platforms. Tom is a man that likes grappling hooks, and so it seems that, with this game, he's finally making up for a major Gunpoint bug that caused it to not have any of them. The game will release, for free, on Steam later today RIGHT NOW!

Gunpoint dev sneaks around space in Heat Signature prototype

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Former PC Gamer editor Tom Francis' Gunpoint was lavished with praise last year, so it's only fair that we eagerly anticipate and dissect every bit of new information about his upcoming projects. A video he uploaded to YouTube today of Heat Signature, "a stealth space game about temperature," looks early, but promising.

Gunpoint half-price for next two days, gets trading cards and special edition upgrade DLC

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Former PC Gamer section editor Tom Francis has taken a break from his new job - playing Spelunky - to provide some new opportunities for existing and potential players of his own game, Gunpoint. Not least of these is a Steam Midweek Madness sale, which makes it half-price as of right now.

Also available are DLC upgrades, giving buyers of the Standard edition a chance to get the bonus-laden special and exclusive edition content, and Steam Trading Cards, giving players the chance to earn an emoticon of Conway punching some dude. Think of all the Steam chats you could spice up with that piece of pixel art.

Gunpoint commentary: Chris and Tom play the game Tom made. Badly.

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Gunpoint release date, demo and pre-orders pounce into view

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Gunpoint developer, PC Gamer section editor and PR mastermind Tom Francis filled the long weekend with the most professionally executed marketing campaign ever seen. On Saturday we got the 2D stealth/hacking puzzler's release date’s release date’s release date, pointing to the next day's release date’s release date, which in turn led to yesterday's announcement of the release date. It was like the world's simplest ARG, in which the primary means of progression was calling Tom Francis a bad man.

But now we finally have an actual, proper release date of June 3rd, along with a generous demo to give you a chance to leap, pounce and rewire your way through some of the game's levels.

Gunpoint trailer inspects gadgets, announces Steam release

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At this very moment, I'm sat at the temporarily abandoned desk of Gunpoint creator/on-sabbatical PC Gamer section editor Tom Francis. Let's root around through his no-doubt highly encrypted folders to see if we can find any new info about his game. Hmm, here's one called "TOP SECRET GUNPOINT SECRETS - DO NOT OPEN". I wonder what happens if we open it? Ooh, two files: one a video marked "New Gadgets", the other a text file titled, "Gunpoint is coming to Steam". Inside it's just pages of exclamation marks.

Gunpoint level editor revealed, trailer within

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Gunpoint, the indie stealth-puzzler from Suspicious Developments, is to launch with a level editor it was announced yesterday. The game sees you infiltrate secure office complexes to steal data, using snazzy gizmos to rewire the building's electrics and using your less snazzy - but no less effective - fists to punch guards repeatedly in the head. It's made by Tom Francis who usually sits about three metres away from me in the PC Gamer office, looking contemplative and intellectual even when he's secretly browsing amusing dog gifs.

Gunpoint trailer released. Dev asks if you'd be willing to pay

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A new Gunpoint trailer has been released. In a refreshing change to standard games PR it's created entirely from gameplay footage and comes in at a whopping eight minutes.

You probably remember Gunpoint from our exclusive interview with creator Tom Francis back in April. You probably remember Tom Francis from his work on PC Gamer UK. Full disclosure - he sits a few metres away from me and he's lovely.

Tom describes Gunpoint as "a game about breaking into secure buildings with a bunch of stupid gadgets." Those gadgets include a pair of projectile trousers, sticky gloves and a protective trenchcoat. We approve.

Gunpoint preview - a game about rewiring things and punching people

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Gunpoint is an upcoming indie game where you get to break into high security buildings, rewire electrical circuits and punch guards repeatedly in the face. You'll also get to hold people at gunpoint and interrogate the hell out of them. It's being developed by Tom Francis; he's Section Editor on the UK edition of the magazine. Tom might work for us, but that's not the only reason we're covering Gunpoint. It's an inventive, exciting title in its own right. Conveniently, we have an exclusive interview with the creator. Nepotism FTW.

Read on for the info and a first glimpse of some exclusive concept art.