Telltale teaser possibly hints at more The Walking Dead

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Telltale are the latest developer to suffer a company-wide failure of all video recording software. It's a good thing we have the iOS app Vine: those few seconds of shaky-cam footage it enables are definitely a suitable replacement for proper gaming promotion. But what game are they promoting? The short teaser features an art style reminiscent of last year's The Walking Dead, and depicts a pinned photograph of a man named Vince.

The Walking Dead and other Telltale adventures fall victim to the Humble Weekly Sale

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The shambling Humble menace has claimed fresh victims. Not content with sucking the price out of assorted indie games for the excellently varied Humble Indie Bundle 8, they've also ambushed Telltale - creators of the brilliant The Walking Dead adaptation - in order to feed their Weekly Sale. Can they ever be stopped? Remember to aim for the wallet.

Stylish The Wolf Among Us screenshots feature punching and a chain-smoking pig

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The Wolf Among Us is Telltale's episodic adaptation of the Fables comic book, starring none other than The Big Bad Wolf (here known as the slightly less conspicuous Bigby Wolf), a chain-smoking detective keeping the peace in New York's secret fairytale community. We already knew that it was a prequel to the comic, launching this summer, but now we have a few more tasty morsels of information, accompanied by a handful of rather striking screenshots.

The Most Reassuring Absence of Bigotry of the Year 2012: The Walking Dead

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Questions surrounding the portrayal of women in games, and the treatment of women in the games industry, have been with us throughout the year. Encouragingly, the resulting discussion, and events like #1reasonwhy, managed to rise above the vomitous whirlpool of anonymous abuse that characterises lowest dregs of internet discourse (which exist far away from here, of course). The issue is here to stay.

With that in mind we decided to take a look back across the year and celebrate the games that have done a good job of intelligently portraying a broad range of characters in terms of gender, race and sexuality. I'm happy to deliver an official PC Gamer fist-bump to Telltale games for their work on The Walking Dead.

The Best Writing of the Year 2012: The Walking Dead

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Writing is as much about structure as conversation and character. This year Telltale's experimentation with the episodic format has finally worked. Their survival horror adventure game, The Walking Dead played to the strengths of its format beautifully, tearing its characters out of each situation just as they started to settle in. It's an apocalyptic road trip that delivers satisfying, self-contained two-to-three hour plot arcs, but always quietly builds to a grand finale that, for many, provided the emotional payoff of the year.

Ron Gilbert would "love to do episodic stuff," thinks The Walking Dead proves mass appeal of adventure games

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While speaking to Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion creator Ron Gilbert at a preview event for The Cave today, I asked for his thoughts on Telltale's The Walking Dead, and if he might consider an episodic format for future adventure games. Though he hasn't played The Walking Dead yet, Gilbert bravely plans to run through all five episodes on a 10 hour flight to Europe tomorrow, and had a few comments on its success and episodic gaming.

The Walking Dead episode five due next week

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The final episode of The Walking Dead, "No Time Left," will arrive next week. On Wednesday November 21, to be exact, according to a tweet from Telltale spotted by Joystiq. Will any of the characters make it out alive? Will YOU make it out alive? Or without screaming "nyoooo" at the loss of another comrade, or without shedding a tear for all those zombies you've murdered?

Getting to know Graham Annable, the artist behind Puzzle Agent and graphic novel Grickle

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See that squirrel drawing? That picture brought PC Gamer Editor-in-Chief Logan Decker to his knees, weeping with joy. What divine creature could have drawn such a magnificent work? Why, Graham Annable, of course! The prolific artist's worked at LucasArts as lead animator and was the creative director at Telltale Games—quite the portfolio, especially if you're into adventure games. But what's it like for an animator and comic artist that's seen the glory days of adventure games and continues to make them today? Only one way to find out—read on!

PC Gamer US Podcast #273: Tell us some tales, Chuck Jordan

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This week, Evan leads fellow PCGites Chris, Josh and Lucas as they welcome special guest Chuck Jordan (writer/programmer on Sam and Max, Grim Fandango, Curse of Monkey Island, and other great games) to the podcasting booth. We talk with Jordan about his history with LucasArts and Telltale and ask him all of our adventure-game questions. He also helps us tackle the week's big news stories, like ArmA III being announced and Guild Wars 2's new profession!

PC Gamer US Podcast 273: Tell us some tales, Chuck Jordan

Telltale's Jurassic Park: The Game delayed

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We were expecting the first episode of the Jurassic Park adventure game to drop into our laps any day now, but instead we've received a press release announcing that the game is being delayed until further notice. The note from Telltale CEO Dan Connors indicates the game will change somewhat from the quicktime-event heavy affair it was when we first saw it a while back, throwing around terms like "moving in new directions" and promising that the revised game will have mechanics and storytelling "beyond anything you've seen from us before."

If you'd already pre-ordered the game, Connors promises a full refund within the next few days plus a free Telltale game of your choice. Not a bad way to smooth things over, all things considered.

Read on for the full text of Connors' apologetic letter.

Download Back to the Future: The Game Episode 1 for free

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Telltale Games is using the power of love on PC gamers, offering the first installment of its latest adventure series, Back to the Future: The Game, completely free! Sure, this isn't our favorite of Telltale's episodic adventures, but you'd be an April fool to turn down a free game. Read on for a download link—it is your density. I mean, your destiny.

Back to the Future: Episode One review

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Back to the Future is about a young Michael J Fox accidentally going back in time to 1955 using a time-travelling DeLorean. While there, he threatens his own existence by altering history, and in trying to save himself gains a greater understanding of his parents, saves his friend Doc Brown from Libyan terrorists, and builds himself a better future. It still holds up today as a wonderfully written adventure film, filled with exciting set-pieces, funny dialogue and plenty of heart.

Near the start of this first chapter of the episodic Back to the Future: The Game, the DeLorean returns to Marty containing only Doc Brown’s dog Einstein, and a shoe. To find out what time period the car has come from, Marty Uses Shoe on Dog, and Einstein leads him to a little old lady’s house. Marty solves the mystery by having a chat, turning a radiator on, and hunting through some old newspapers.

Telltale reveal Back to the Future character details

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The Back to the Future website has been updated with information about the characters that we'll be meeting in episode one, and some hints at where we'll be headed in future episodes of the time travelling adventure series.

Complete tasks to win games in the Steam Treasure Hunt

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Steam has launched a treasure hunt game that asks players to complete game-related objectives to be in with a chance of winning 100 games. There are also a few Team Fortress 2 hats up for grabs. Details follow.

Poker Night at the Inventory trailer

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It sounds like the start of a joke. "The Heavy from TF2 and Tycho from Penny Arcade walk into a bar...", but that's pretty much the premise for Telltale's upcoming poker game, which pits an odd variety of gaming characters against one another and gives the player a chance to win some exclusive items for TF2. Telltale have released a trailer of the game, showing some of the banter we can expect from the motley crew they've assembled. They've given Tycho a voice! Hear his sultry tones in the video below.