Telltale's The Walking Dead will be getting a third season

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There wasn't really too much doubt about this, but it's nice to get confirmation anyway: Telltale's The Walking Dead series will be getting a third season, as announced at Comic-Con (and on Twitter). No details yet, but I don't think it's way out of line to expect zombies, quick-time events, and for Clem to be replaced as protagonist by Bob from the increasingly rubbish TV series. Well, OK, probably not that last one.

The Wolf Among Us review (season one)

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Rather than review the finale alone, we're reviewing the entire season of The Wolf Among Us, which is sold as a package of five episodes. We've avoided major plot details, but some spoilers are unavoidable, especially for episodes one and two. Also, no, we don't know if there will be a second season, but we're calling this "season one" in the event that there is.

I don’t like hitting the ‘Q’ key very quickly to do things. In The Wolf Among Us, abusing the Star Trek antagonist—to win a fight, to transform into a wolf, to lift a car—ties the violence of sheriff Bigby Wolf to the strain on my finger. That interactive connection is a reason to include button mashing and quicktime events, but it’s not a great solution. I enjoyed all five episodes of The Wolf Among Us—a lot—but I’m disappointed that it holds onto some of the conventions established in The Walking Dead.

The Wolf Among Us Episode Four review

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We're careful to avoid details, but this review contains minor spoilers for The Wolf Among Us episode four and the episodes preceding it. If you love to be surprised, play before reading.

The Wolf Among Us’ penultimate episode is the tenderest, loneliest, and most gruesome so far. It moves fast, opening with gory button-mashing (not for the squeamish), then sprinting through the judgment of Fabletown’s downtrodden before getting to the heart of the series’ big bad problem. It only pauses briefly to light a Huff n' Puff, and closes without resolution or cliffhanger, but with another drag of poison before everything that’s been set in motion collides. It’s more like the first half of a TV two-parter than a standalone episode, but the shrinking wait time between episodes excuses that—if the feast is on its way soon, I'm happy to set the table.

The Wolf Among Us: Episode 4 screenshots show the scowls and stares of 'In Sheep's Clothing'

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I've still not played The Wolf Among Us, because, as with everything episodic, I prefer to gorge on it in a single, sickening display of lavish overindulgence. By which I mean I'm waiting for the series to end. As a result, I'm not exactly sure what's happening in Telltale's latest batch of screenshots, released in preparation for the as-yet-undated fourth episode. Is Bigby angry at the meat—perhaps as part of some shock vegetarian subplot—or is that facial expression reserved for some unseen meat-adjacent character?

The Walking Dead Season 2 gets third episode next week

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I haven't played Telltale's Walking Dead games, but I do know that they don't feature Andrea, Michonne, The Governor's laboured Southern accent, or klutsy idiot T-Dog from the wildly varying TV show, so by comparison they should be pretty good. Pretty soon I'll have one more entry in the series to eventually play through, as Episode 3 of Season 2 has just been given a release date of...blimey, next week. That makes it a wait of just a month and a bit since the arrival of Episode 2, which must be some sort of record for the developers of almost every episodic game in existence. Season 2 Episode 3 is entitled 'In Harm's Way', and sees the gang ditching the whole zombie apocalypse to go on a wine appreciation holiday in the Algarve. Sorry, I've got my notes mixed up again. Oh, I see - yet more terrible things await Clementine and co.

Tales from the Borderlands screenshots look pretty much exactly as you'd expect

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These new screenshots of Telltale's Tales from the Borderlands are so Telltale, and so Gearbox, it's as if someone copy-pasted the former's timed dialogue boxes onto the latter's chunky cel-shaded action. In the new screens, we see a robot do robot things, TftB's two heroes argue about something or other, and Borderlands 2's Zero make a guest appearance in order to chop off some dude's arm. Hey, I'm sure the arm had it coming. Click through to see the whole lot.

The Wolf Among Us Episode Three review

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This review references the events of episodes one and two. I've been careful not to reveal any major plot points from episode three, but some details may be inferred.

Most game characters are vessels for the player to pour input into, but Telltale is at its finest when it reaches out and pours its characters' dilemmas back into us. In my favorite moments of its branching stories, the protagonist's conflicting motives become my conflicting motives—I don't enter the correct input to decide what happens next, I struggle to do what's right and live with the fallout. After a disappointing second episode, The Wolf Among Us nails this design in the third.

The Wolf Among Us trailer teases Episode 3's launch [updated with release date]

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Er, this is awkward. This Episode 3 trailer for The Wolf Among Us starts with a spoiler warning for previous chapters. Telltale's Fables adaptation is currently sat in my Steam library's ever-growing backlog list, and so I've decided not to watch it. I really hope it is a legitimate trailer I'm posting, and not say a specialist "adult" retelling of the Big Bad Wolf. That would be embarrassing.

New Tales from the Borderlands details spill out of SXSW

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New details have emerged about Telltale's episodic adventure game set in the gunny, gunny world of Borderlands. We already knew a few scant things about the upcoming series, plucked from its reveal late last year, and now we know a little more, thanks to a recent Tales from the Borderlands panel at the SXSW gaming expo. Things like: it will have a lighter, more comedic tone to it than Telltale's other recent series, it will feature two central characters each with their own special abilities, and its story has something in common with the (surprisingly Deppless) Tim Burton film Big Fish.

The Wolf Among Us Episode 2 will be among us February 4th

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It's been a long time not coming, but The Wolf Among Us' second episode finally has a release date: February 4th. That's around four months since the first part hit last October. Four months. Why the delay? I put that question to King Joffrey, star of Telltale's upcoming Game of Thrones series, and now I don't have a head. I can still somehow type, however, so scroll down to see the news in tweet form.

The Wolf Among Us Episode 2 to be released early next month

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Fans of The Wolf Among Us, Telltale's fantasy noir adventure, have been pounding the dark, mean streets in search of clues to the game's mysteriously missing second episode. The adaptation of the Fables comic book hasn't been spotted since the first episode, Faith, was released in mid-October of last year. And despite Telltale's reassurance that release date info was incoming, owners of the episodic series had been left wondering if they were chasing a red herring.

Wait, is there a herring in Fables? Either way, Telltale have provided some more details of the elusive second chapter. While there's still no exact release date, there is a release window: the first week of February.

What we want from Telltale's Game of Thrones

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Telltale’s Game of Thrones is coming. The developer that brought adventure games back into the mainstream with its Walking Dead series, Back to The Future, and The Wolf Among Us, is developing another series based on the HBO show, which is in turn based on George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire books. It’s hot brand right now, with a built in and very loyal fanbase, PC Gamer staff included. Here’s what we’d like to see Telltale do with it.

The Walking Dead: Season 2 Episode 1 review

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I am Clementine. You are Clementine. In the second season of Telltale's The Walking Dead, we are all Clementine. But what kind of Clementine will we choose to be? The Clementine who trusts no one and does whatever it takes to survive, alone, in the unforgiving new world order of zombies, and assholes who will inevitably become zombies? Or the Clementine who wants to find a new family, who believes there are still good people walking among the dead?

The Walking Dead: Season Two interview — What it's like to be Clementine

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The Walking Dead Season Two is almost here. Telltale’s Dennis Lenart, director of the Season Two premiere, and writer/season designer Mark Darin recently spoke to us about the series and its new pre-teen protagonist, fan-favorite Clementine.

Telltale announce two new series based on Game of Thrones and Borderlands

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I couldn't quite bear the thought of watching VGX (formerly the Spike Video Game Awards) live, but thankfully I didn't have to: its assorted trailers and reveals have now spilled out into the wild. One of the most interesting announcements was really two announcements: the reveal of a duo of new Telltale series based on Game of Thrones and, er, Borderlands. Wait, what? Click on for teaser trailers and morsels of information.

Telltale founder interested in creating Star Wars game, other games in the works

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Telltale Games founders Dan Connors and Kevin Bruner held a Reddit AMA on Tuesday, where they discussed their process for writing stories and their successful episodic model while hinting at their plans for the future, and divulged what the developer's dream setting for future adventure games would be.

The Walking Dead: Season Two will star Clementine, premieres this year

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The next five episodes of Telltale's The Walking Dead series will be played as Clementine, the child taken in by previous lead Lee Everett, according to today's reveal. The Walking Dead: Season Two is "expected to premiere later this year," and continues Clementine's story from her point of view as she's "left to her own devices to seek safety and survive in a world gone mad."

The Walking Dead: 400 Days announced, adds an extra episode to season 1

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The Walking Dead's first season may be over, but that doesn't stop Telltale from retroactively adding to it like more talented, and less crazy, George Lucases (or is it George Lucasi?) Teased over the past week, it turns out 400 Days is a DLC episode that will bridge the gap between the first and second season of Telltale's zombie epic, telltaleing the stories of five new characters, who will presumably show up in the next season in some manner or other. Teaser trailer below.

The Walking Dead: 400 Days DLC appears in the Steam Apps Database

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Any time a game appears on the Steam Apps Database, it's a good idea to treat it with a healthy amount of scepticism. The same holds true of The Walking Dead: 400 Days, a DLC listing for Telltale's excellent zombie adventure. Blanket warning aside, though, there's plenty of evidence to suggest that there's some truth to this rumour.

Telltale teaser possibly hints at more The Walking Dead

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Telltale are the latest developer to suffer a company-wide failure of all video recording software. It's a good thing we have the iOS app Vine: those few seconds of shaky-cam footage it enables are definitely a suitable replacement for proper gaming promotion. But what game are they promoting? The short teaser features an art style reminiscent of last year's The Walking Dead, and depicts a pinned photograph of a man named Vince.