StarForge reaches crowd-funding target

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StarForge, the incredibly ambitious procedural planet exploring, building, orbital jumping indie game has made its crowd-funding goal on IndieGogo, according to PCGamesN. The developers were asking for a modest $75,000, a small amount for a game with such scope and now that they've met it, the inevitable stretch goals have been revealed.

If you haven't heard of StarForge before, then take a look at the trailer below. There's procedurally generated guns, deformable terrain and physics driven free running, plus evil killer worms.

Ambitious indie survival shooter, StarForge, hits IndieGoGo

Tom Senior at

It's been a while since we checked in with StarForge, the crazy ambitious indie project that lets you base jump from orbit onto a procedurally generated planet full of evil worms. It's got procedurally generated guns, physics-driven parkour and deformable terrain. You can also build structures that will stand and fall based on tech that analyses stress points in the house you're building so if you're thinking "there's no way the worms will get me when I finish my vast upside-down pyramid" that's sadly not going to work.

Starforge trailer fights monsters, builds structures, base jumps from outer space

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Starforge is a game about gathering resources, building defences, fighting aliens and punting yourself miles and miles using giant spinning hammers. It's a free to play game built by CodeHatch, a team of two men called Steve and Will. They've constructed an engine that will let you base jump from outer space to the surface of the planet below, where you can start moulding the terrain to build new structures. There'a s bit of Minecraft in there, a bit of Terraria, a splash of Tribes and a lot of comedy physics.