StarForge reaches crowd-funding target

StarForge, the ambitious planet-exploring, building, orbital-jumping indie game has made its crowd-funding goal on IndieGogo, according to PCGamesN . The developers were asking for a modest $75,000, a small amount for a game with such scope and now that they've met it, the inevitable stretch goals have been revealed.

If you haven't heard of StarForge before, then take a look at the trailer below. There's procedurally generated guns, deformable terrain and physics driven free running, plus evil killer worms.

The stretch goals are suitably grand, including dynamic ecosystems, procedural spaceships and AI for tamed monsters. There's even something called 'procedural horror', which I assume means it trawls my Twitter feed for clues and dynamically constructs monsters based on my secret fears. The top goal, 'Infinite Procedural Voxel Worlds' seems beyond the impossible, but I guess there's only one way to find out.

If you're interested in donating to StarForge, you can visit their IndieGogo site. Alternatively you can check out the StarForge demo to see how the game is looking right now.