Kerbal Space Program AMA reveals origin of Kerbals, plans for 1.0

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Miguel Piña, producer of Kerbal Space Program, took to Reddit yesterday to field questions about the cute yet massive space adventure, and while Redditors didn't manage to tease too much info about future updates or what their eventual next game might be, we did learn a few interesting titbits, including...the dark origin of the Kerbals. Well, OK, it's not that dark, but it does involve tinfoil and fireworks, two things that generally cause chaos when used together.

Kerbal Space Program launches First Contract update, adding new missions and 64-bit support

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Kerbal Space Program's much-teased First Contract update has launched. Not launched in the rocketry sense—with drama, tension and spectacle. It's more likely that someone simply clicked a button. Job done. To add at least some ceremony to update 0.24, SQUAD have released a new 'cinematic' (read: completely unrelated to anything) video, detailing the further adventures of Kerbalnaut Jeb.

Kerbal Space Program trailer shows First Contract features

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Maybe you've read about First Contract, Kerbal Space Program's next update. Now you can see it in action, as SQUAD take you through the contracts, funds and reputation systems that it adds. Despite sounding like a largely administrative update, First Contract should give a big boost to the game's campaign. The contracts are randomly generated, and promise to be tailored to your style of play, hopefully making for an enjoyable series of escalating assignments.

Kerbal Space Program's next update to add contracts, budget and reputation systems

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There's something about Kerbal Space Program's current update path that I find extremely charming. They've already added the ship-building, space exploring, physics simulation stuff; now they're slowly adding the admin. The next update for SQUAD's space program, titled First Contract, will further expand the career mode with a mission system that ties into new Funds and Reputation systems.

Kerbal Space Program official mod brings the World Cup to space

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We're into the second stage of the World Cup now, meaning two more weeks of increasingly intense football. That's "we" in the global sense. I don't know how your country of origin performed, but England did not. If you're in a similar position, there are options available to help survive such national disappointment. You could pick a better team to live vicariously through. Or you could download Kerbal Space Program's official 'Kerbin Cup' mod. With it, you're able to take your footballs and hide away in the most desolate reaches of space—away from the harsh reality of underperforming athletes.

Show Us Your Rig: Kerbal Space Program's Felipe Falanghe

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Squad's Felipe Falanghe is the creator and lead developer of Kerbal Space Program, and his work space feels a lot like a command module in a rocket soaring to Mun. When he's not busy developing one of PC gaming's most delightful simulators, he's using a gigantic array of peripherals to play games. Felipe was kind enough to take a few moments away from firing Kerbals into space to tell us about his setup.

Kerbal Space Program celebrates third anniversary with sale and charity donation

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To celebrate the third year of Kerbal Space Program, developer Squad announced that the game will be on sale for 40% off until the end of Kerbal Kon on Friday, purchasable from Steam or the KSP website. The company will also be making a donation to Love Life Hope, a children’s orphanage based in Tapachula, Mexico.

Kerbal Space Program video teases third birthday, Kerbal Kon celebration

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As Kerbal Space Program turns three years old and prepares for a big livestream event on Thursday, those disposable green astronauts have released a short video to celebrate the occasion. Kerbal Kon will begin on December 12 on Twitch.

The 12 best Kerbal Space Program mods

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Spend some time around the Kerbal Space Program community and you'll see a lot of parallels to Minecraft's early days. Here players are building spaceships and launching them into the universe rather than building home out of blocks, but both are great sandboxes full of creative potential for building, exploring and picking apart each new update. Just like Notch's blocky playground, when people encounter something missing - whether its a feature, a ship part, or an aesthetic preference - they turn to mods to set things right.

There are hundreds of tweaks and additions on Kerbal SpacePort (KSP's mod repository), ranging from specific parts to wide-ranging overhauls. The good news is that they're easy to install. Just extract the mod's main folder into the GameData folder of KSP's directory. As for what to install, here are twelve of the best mods available today.

Kerbal Space Program update 0.23 detailed: will bring science tweaks and tweakables

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Kerbal Space Program's update 0.22 brought a career mode to would-be rocketeers only a couple of weeks ago. But science doesn't sleep. Science stays up all night, experimenting with ever more dangerous propulsion systems, before strapping them onto a small container, stuffing it full of 'willing' volunteers, and detonating the entire mess - possibly into orbit; probably into shrapnel. Which is an inelegant way of saying that KSP developers SQUAD have already released details on the game's next planned patch.

Now playing: flying to the Mun in the Kerbal Space Program

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I have been steadily progressing through my Kerbal Space Program to-do list. My last major milestone was landing on the moon (or ‘Mun’, as the Kerbals call it). A little too enthusiastically, as it turned out. My capsule ran out of fuel during the descent, and sped helplessly towards its surface. On the upside, it got a great area-ofeffect radius. I landed all over that moon.

The next step is to reach the Mun without reducing my Kerbals to green paste. It’s a logical progression, but one that will be dramatically more complicated – in part because it requires me to start caring about the safety of these oblivious alien astronauts. Previously, there had been little reason to ensure their survival. When one died, another automatically stepped up to the cockpit, fully trained and unconcerned about reasons for the sudden job vacancy.

Kerbal Space Program update .22 bringing science to the masses

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New features are coming to Kerbal Space Program in update .22, the most notable of which is the addition of science! A new video from developer Squad, voiced by Miguel Pena, walks us through the new research and development systems that will form a crucial part of the eventually released career mode.

Kerbal Space Program blasts into physics classroom as an end-of-year project

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The still-in-development indie space exploration sim Kerbal Space Program has gotten a lot of attention from us. We called it amazing and absolutely worth the price, even though it’s still in alpha development and doesn’t even have a release date yet. It’s a game that is great to mess around in and even greater if you know what you’re doing.

Kerbal Space Program's 0.20 update lets you capture with flags

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As any good conspiracy nut will tell you, flags contain shocking secrets. And the one planted on the supposedly "Munar" surface of this Kerbal Space Program update video is clearly flapping around. FAKERS! This was clearly a staged performance to highlight the new flag-planting feature! Normally, I'd be furious, but those newly expanded rovers are just too damn adorable.

Kerbal Space Program makes expansions free for existing game owners

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Kerbal Space Program is a game in which you build rockets to fire boggle-eyed creatures into orbit. It's been the centre of a semantic kerfuffle, as its community argues over what constitutes an "update" versus an "expansion". Early adopters of the game were promised free updates, following the Minecraft model of increasing the price as the game moves towards completion. But developers Squad recently suggested that expansions - which might introduce "major game-changing sets of features" - would have a separate price-tag.

After some, uh, robust debate over the meaning of these terms and the expectations of their existing customers, Squad have announced that they will now make all updates and expansions free to customers who own the game already or buy it before the end of April.

Kerbal Space Program getting paid expansions on top of "all future content" buy-in model

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Kerbal Space Program is a game where you send... aliens? I think they're aliens... on space missions. It launched its first alpha just about two years ago, and has since followed the Minecraft model of slowly adding features while increasing the price, in a lead-up to an official 1.0 release. Originally, much like Minecraft, the devs, Squad, promised that alpha adopters would, "get all future updates for free." A stir has recently been caused when the intention to produce expansion packs with a separate cost, post-launch, was mentioned in a livestream.