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Brink trailer gets acrobatic

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Brink is out very soon in the US, and on Friday in Europe. Splash Damage have unleashed the Brink launch trailer, full of fancy wall running, man blasting and a cardboard model of the Ark. If you're not planning on picking up the game today, or you live outside of the US, you can get a good look at Brink on the official Brink website, and at Brink TV's launch events.

Brink launch events to feature live matches and Quake pros

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Brink's set to launch in less than a day in the US, and Brink TV are running a couple of live online launch events to celebrate. The events will invite some of the best Quake and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars players to deliver feedback on Brink's multiplayer mode, and shoutcasters will be commentating on a series of King of the Hill matches that will be open to anyone who wants to join. The whole thing will be broadcast live on the web.

Brink stat attack reveals 26,000 lines of dialogue

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What do you call a figure that's 18 numbers long? Apparently in the US it's a quintillion, and in the rest of the world it's a trillion. Either way, when it comes to customisation options in Brink, there are more than 102 of them. 102,247,681,536,000,000 to be precise.

Bethesda have gone mad with a calculator and released a list of numberical facts for Brink. Apparently there are 26,000 lines of dialogue in the game, more than 4,000 weapon sounds and 45 ways to die. Prepare your brain for some unfathomably huge numbers below.

Brink trailer has bumslides and handy hints

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The latest Brink trailer is part four of a series of tutorial videos showing how best to use the game's UI to keep track of your character's numerous class abilities. There's also more footage of the dynamic parkour system in action. The slide maneuver should make you especially hard to hit. The rest of the video series can be found on the official Brink site. Check out our Brink preview for more on the game. Brink is out next week.

Brink system specs revealed. Will use Steamworks

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Brink is approaching fast. In fact, its official release is just four weeks away.

To celebrate, Splash Damage have revealed the system specs, and confirmed that the game will be using Steamworks (not the alternative we're not going to mention because it upsets us too much).

Brink trailer breaks out the gatling turrets

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The latest Brink trailer shows more of the destructive tools that will make up your heavily customised loudout. Molotov cocktails and sticky bombs are all very well, but they can't stand up to the gatling gun turret, and surely nothing is as good as the self resurrection injection. It's like a stabby elixir of eternal life. Brink is out next month, on May 17 in the US and May 20 in Europe and Australia. For more on the game, check out our recent Brink preview.

Brink trailer gets classy, pre-order kits detailed

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The new Brink trailer gives us a good look at the shooter's four playable classes. The engineer can build turrets, the operative can steal the identity of dead people, and the medic can stab people to life. We also get another look at Brink's impressive character customisation suite. By pre-ordering the game, you'll be able to expand your choice of gear by selecting one of a series of themed packs. These will add tattoos, clothes, weapons and weapon add-ons in the style of Doom, Fallout, Psycho, and Spec Ops. You'll find an overview of each of the packs on the Splash Damage site, along with details on which retailer you'll have to pre-order from to get each pack.

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Bethesda announce release dates for Brink, Hunted: The Demon's Forge, and Rage

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Bethesda have revealed their busy lineup for 2011, with release dates for Brink, Hunted: The Demon's Forge and Rage. Read on for the details.

New Brink trailer shows customisable armoury

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A new trailer has appeared for Brink, the upcoming parkour-driven, gun-frenzied kill fest from Splash Damage. This trailer concentrates on the customisable weaponry we'll be wielding when we take the fight to the streets of the Ark. You'll find the video embedded below.

Brink video: Developer Diary - The Last Stand

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Splash Damage have released their first video developer diary for Brink. "Developer Diary" is a pretty boring name for a minutes-long micro-documentary with lots of shooting and game footage. We've embedded it below:

Community heroes: Dave Johnston, for de_dust

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This week on the site, we want to celebrate some of the heroes of the PC gaming community. People who’ve devoted huge amounts of their free time to making something awesome for the rest of us to enjoy. Today we're talking to Dave Johnston, creator of the most popular Counter-Strike map and therefore one of the most popular multiplayer maps in the history of gaming: de_dust.