Sam Lake

Max Payne and Alan Wake writer delivers answers in Reddit AMA

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The creator and writer of Max Payne and Alan Wake, Sam Lake, shared a few words with the internet denizens of Reddit in an “Ask Me (Almost) Anything” thread. There, he shared his process for game writing, what changes he would make for Alan Wake 2, and what he had for breakfast that morning

Alan Wake 2 teased by developer tweet, alternate reality blog, domain name update

Chris Thursten at

As spotted by our chums at OXM, Remedy has updated the domain name '', which it has owned since 2005. An eagle-eyed NeoGAF poster spotted that the domain was updated yesterday - could this mean a sequel announcement at E3?

Max Payne 3 digital comic recaps Max's fall and sets up his relocation to Brazil

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Issue one of Rockstar and Marvel's Max Payne 3 digital comic series is now available for read-looking. The first issue, titled "After the Fall," sets up Max's troubled past (which mostly involves him burying everyone he ever cared about), and briefly hints at the events that lead him to Max Payne 3's new setting. He's got a lot to drink about after Max Payne 2, and eventually gets himself in trouble in a New Jersey bar, which presumably kicks off his flight to Brazil. Oh Max, you're incorrigible.