Watch Sam Lake slow jam the history of music in Remedy videogames

Some game companies put out press releases when they want to communicate with their fans, or hold a livestream to reveal exciting new info. That isn't cool enough for Quantum Break studio Remedy Entertainment. They slow jam. 

The presentation in the video above, which was made by creative director Sam Lake and composer Petri Alanko, at Slush Music 2016, is an overview of the role that music has played in Remedy's games, going all the way back to Remedy's debut title, Death Rally. 

Things really get going with its next game, Max Payne, thanks to that famous theme song riff, and of course The Late Goodbye, the great closing credits song from Max Payne 2, also gets a nod. Alan Wake and Quantum Break are given a more detailed treatment, appropriately in light of their relative newness. 

"Music is emotion. Music tells a story. Music plays many different roles, all of them important to us in our games," Lake says. "We are always looking for new ways to use it. Maybe, one of these days, I'll get to fulfill my dream and create a game that's also a musical." 

Lake's accent doesn't really lend itself to the smoothest slow jamming ever (although he may be a veritable Richard Burton in his native Finnish), but it's silly, it's fun, and also informative—and I love that after so many years, Remedy remains the kind of studio that will do this kind of thing.

Andy Chalk

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