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Love creator Eskil Steenberg sheds light on plans for dark new strategy game

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Love maker and accidental innuendo machine Eskil Steenberg is looking to go from the world of sorta-kinda-MMO to a top-down strategy game with a twist. He spilled the full details, and the future of Love on this week's PC Gamer Podcast. Here's what he's planning though - an as-yet unnamed game of light, darkness and deception that hopefully won't spend too long in its experimental stage.

Love gets private servers, moonlandings, drop ships and cheats

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As we reported before, Love, a wildly ambitious, hugely complex co-op RTS-shooter on a dreamily-rendered, procedurally-generated deformable globe *in-take of breath* is getting private servers. And, as of now, they are freely available! Hurrah. Head over to the Love website for the lowdown.

But that's hardly the only thing Eskil's pulled out of his bag of tricks. Among a slew of incoming features, the game now features a dropship for you to ride and lets you jettison yourself from the planet's atmosphere and land on its moon. Because, you know, because.

Love gets private servers, PC Gamer to host first

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We're delighted to announce that Love, the dreamlike co-op strategy-shooter from Eskil Steenberg, is going to allow private servers - and that PC Gamer will be the first to host them.

Love is free: Eskil Steenberg's dreamlike strategic FPS available to download now

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Eskil Steenberg's Love is free to download from Quel Solaar. If you haven't dipped into the demo before now, it's certainly worth a look. Love's hazy, procedurally generated worlds are powered by the Quel Solaar engine, which Steenberg built from scratch. It gives players the tools to warp terrain, create fortresses and set up defences against aggressive AI factions trying to dominate the planet. Even the simple task of climbing a tall ledge can be circumvented in dozens of ways, as demonstrated in the latest video, which you'll find embedded below.

"I have tried to make the game of my dreams and to push the envelope of what a game can be in every area," says Steenberg. "After countless iterations, innovations, and experiments I think I have created something special."