Borderlands 2 trailer details GameStop pre-order bonuses, gladiatorial beast combat

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Borderlands 2's playground world of Pandora teems with monsters, bandits, psychos, burning psychos, cowardly robots, and the ever-ubiquitous loot, but what if a special retreat existed for the wayward warrior to take a break, dust off his or her feet, and plug a few (thousand) bullets into the slavering maws of bloodthirsty beasts?

Guild Wars 2 pre-purchase beta event announced

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The release of Guild Wars 2 creeps closer as each minute ticks by. To help with the wait (or torture us more) ArenaNet has announced the upcoming pre-purchase beta event, which will open their servers for everyone who has pre-purchased the game. The beta event will be held from April 27th-29th, giving you three days to determine your favorite method of death for legions of centaurs. I recommend you give the Elementalist's fire attunement or a giant-sword-wielding Warrior a try. Unfortunately, the only way to get guaranteed access to the event is by pre-purchasing the game.

Eligible players should keep an eye out for an email from NCsoft with additional information about how to download the client and any steps needed for registration. You'll find the full details on what content will be available and the exact start and end times of the event on ArenaNet's blog soon.

If you're interested in pre-purchasing a copy, take a look at our summary of the options or visit the official site's store page.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning demo now available

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Looking for a big new fantasy RPG to play? Kingdoms of Amalur might just fit the bill. A new demo is now available on Steam, giving everyone a chance to dive in and fight the various things that live in artist Todd McFarlene's head. There's a "destiny" system that lets you switch between combat styles in the middle of a ruck, and there should be plenty of mad weapons to mess with. Completing the demo should unlock some bonus items for Mass Effect 3 as well.

Mystery Indie Royale New Year's Bundle available to pre-order now

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Being able to see the thing you're buying before buying the thing is an important part of buying things, but if you really enjoy being surprised, the Indie Royale New Year's Bundle is available to pre-order now. It will include four unknown games including an "innovative single-player puzzle game," an "award-winning 2D platformer," a "world premiere on PC/Mac for an acclaimed arcade shooter with a twist" and a "premium blend of FPS and RTS."

Batman: Arkham City pre-order skins look awesome

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Warner Bros. Interactive, you are one sly devil. Pre-order bonuses are usually nothing to make a fuss over, but these retailer exclusive skins for Batman: Arkham City are a cut above. At the moment, they're only confirmed for a UK release, but to miss out on these nostalgic get-ups would be a travesty. Check out which costume is which and where you can get them, then dig up all your old Batman action figures for reference.

Battlefield 3 pre-order bonuses will be available to all, boycott seems to be over

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In a clarification posted on the official Battlefield 3 blog, DICE general manager Karl Magnus Troedsson has stated the bonuses from the Battlefield 3 pre-orders will eventually become available to all players.

Homefront PC-exclusive features and system specs detailed. Now available to pre-order on Steam

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Kaos Studios have announced a wealth of PC-only features for their upcoming FPS, Homefront, along with system specs and pre-order information.

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