Limbo follow-up to feature color, questionable experiments on human bodies

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Last year, Copenhagen-based studio Playdead chilled us with eerie black-and-white sidescroller Limbo. I need a sweater just to think about it, and I may have to ask my mom to knit another layer: a few details on its next project, appropriately code-named "Project 2," have appeared via the Danish Film Institute's grant listings and Google Translate's word robots.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - PC Gamer's game of the year

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We didn’t see this coming. Stupid, I know. But when we got our hands on an early build of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, I was certain it would be the game of 2011. Skyrim would be great, but it would just be Oblivion with a bit more snow. So now that it’s here, why does it feel like so much more than that?

Limbo sells one million, studio becomes fully independent

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If you've read our Limbo review, you'll know how much we enjoyed the macabre platformer. That makes it all the nicer to report that it has sold one million copies worldwide. The developers, PlayDead, say that they've used the profits to buy back control of the company from early investors and are now focusing on developing their next game.

"With the success that LIMBO has achieved, we felt this was the ideal time to fully regain our independence,” said CEO Dino Patti. “We are grateful to everyone who supported us over the past few years, and look forward to forging new partnerships that will both let us reach new heights as a studio and give our director, Arnt Jensen, room to grow creatively.”

Limbo's available now on Steam, and is heading to Macs before the end of the year.

Limbo review

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You are a boy searching for his missing sister. You wander through gloomy forests, explore forbidding caves and try to escape a industrial complex of whirring machines and smoke stacks – all painted in silhouette against the smoky greys of an old flickering film. It’s amazing that such a simple approach can create such a nightmarish atmosphere.

Win a copy of Limbo! International giveaway

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It's competition time again! Atmospheric platformer Limbo recently came out on PC and, to celebrate, we've got 20 Steam codes to give away.

Not only that, we're opening up this competition to everyone! That's right, this giveaway is open to all regions. So if you've missed out on our competitions before due to unfortunate geography be sure to check inside for the chance to get yourself a free game.

Limbo is coming to Steam "very soon"

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Ever since the trailer for macabre platformer, Limbo, snuck onto Steam, it seemed obvious that it'd be getting a PC release. Playdead CEO Dino Patti has now officially confirmed this to Joystiq, saying that "Limbo is in production for Steam and PSN, and is coming very soon." To which we say "hooray!" Limbo is a brutal monochromatic platformer in which you play a boy searching for his sister, battling giant spiders and tribes of killer children along the way. Expect physics puzzles, a haunting atmosphere and lots of horrible deaths.

Limbo trailer on Steam hints at PC release

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The dark and gorgeous indie platformer, Limbo might just be getting a PC release, according to a trailer for the game that's appeared on Steam. Indiegames discovered a post on NeoGaf pointing out that clicking on this link causes the video above to download straight to your Steam account.

The puzzle platformer was originally released on Xbox Live Arcade last summer, combining a brooding aesthetic with physics-driven platforming, and a wide variety of surprisingly violent and occasionally hilarious ways to die. A PC version of the game would be a Very Good Thing. Find out more about the game on the Limbo site.