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The future of PC gaming: GPUs and 4K monitors

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All week long, we're peering ahead to what the future holds for the PC gaming industry. Not just the hardware and software in our rigs, but how and where we use them, and how they impact the games we play. Here's part four of our five-part series; stay tuned all week for more from the future of PC gaming.

We dream of futuristic graphics cards with chrome Hot Rod piping and names as cool as The Pixelator. In reality, future graphics cards won't be human-sized or be styled after 1950s automobiles, but they will be faster than what we're running today. More importantly, APIs like AMD's Mantle will let our computers talk directly to our graphics cards, delivering better performance through more efficient coding. And we're going to need that performance, since 4K monitors are already on the horizon. Here's our look at the 2014 GPU landscape and the future of (entirely too expensive) 4K displays.

ASRock releases motherboards designed to mine Bitcoins, generate internet moolah

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I'm about to write a bunch of really weird words in a row, but I need you to hang in there. We'll get through this together. Are you ready?

ASRock has just released a new motherboard series designed specifically to mine for Bitcoins. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first time PC hardware has been built with Bitcoins in mind. Actually, these are the first PC components built to, theoretically, make you money.

Nvidia Shield review

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Everybody knows that if you try to get a cat to do what you want—sit up, fetch a stick, search for explosives—it will do nothing more than stare at you with contempt. That’s why console pitches to PC gamers tend to fall flat: we’re generally not as interested in hearing how a bunch of suits want us to play our games. Nvidia took a much different approach with the Shield, on the other hand, that seems to account for what PC gamers have in common with cats: give us great hardware and the freedom to do whatever we feel like doing, and we’ll show ourselves a great time.

Indie dev shares thoughts on Steam Controller after getting hands-on

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Dan Tabár, the game designer behind Cortex Command, got his hands on a prototype of the recently announced Steam Controller and says he has "no qualms" with the ergonomic feel of the controller and is "surprised how well it worked." He told us he's excited to see how the device will affect the feasibility of PC gaming in the living room.

Thursday Hardware Deals - August 23, 2012

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Every Thursday, we bring you a proud band of the best deals on PC hardware the internet has to offer. If you're dropping frames and don't want to drop a lot of cash, you've come to the right place.

Introducing Thursday Hardware Deals

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We've been bringing you our Weekend Game Deals for a while, but we would be remiss to not also direct you toward bargains to help supe up the rig you play them on. That's why we're going to be wrangling together discount hardware from the four corners of the universe every Thursday for your guiltless purchasing pleasure. Come on in, and be prepared to leave with some awesome gear and cash to spare.