The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II out April 17, pre-purchase now for beta access

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Much like Tortchlight, The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing was an enjoyable and affordable action role-playing game, which found an audience with players looking for something similar to Diablo. That’s how I found it (and loved it), so I’m pretty excited that Neocore announced that The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II will hit Steam on April 17 for $15. If you just can’t wait another minute, you can pre-purchase the game on Neocore's site to gain access to the closed beta, which, now that we’re so close to release, must be pretty close to the final product.

King Arthur 2: The Role Playing Wargame review

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I’m in a dank bog, talking to the ghostly wife of a Roman lunatic who thinks that he’s the Emperor Hadrian. I’m desperately trying to persuade her to make him go away. Where did my life go so wrong? I’m supposed to be the son of King Arthur, for the Old Gods’ sake.

Arthur is nearly dead, thanks to an exploding Grail, and so it has fallen to you to scour the land and unravel exactly why great big spikes have erupted out of the earth all over the place. Of course, by ‘scour the land’ I actually mean slowly turn a great big map of Britain your colour, because that’s what you do in RPGs. Wait, no, I mean RTSes. Hang on – which is this again?

King Arthur 2 trailer has dragons, giants and so many harpies they blot out the sun

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We don't know if the dragons in this King Arthur 2 trailer are unlimited, but they certainly seem numerous, not as numerous as the harpies though, which practically blot out the sun with their colossal numbers. Also on show are the giants, who one of the toughest units in the previous King Arthur game and look suitably smashy and stompy in the sequel.

The monster units were one of the best parts of the original King Arthur, but they weren't many of them and they were often difficult to obtain. The sequel seems to be putting a lot more emphasis on them, which can only be a good thing. If you want to know more about King Arthur 2, check out our preview.

E3 2011: King Arthur 2 trailer brings mythical creatures to battle

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The King Arthur series is one of the few to try and steal Total War's hybrid turn based and real time strategy crown (it's a big and very complicated crown). King Arthur put a neat twist on the formula with the addition of magic, and an endearing recreation of ye olde British folke myths. The sequel ups the ante by adding huge new beasts, hordes of flying units and more powerful spells, all of which feature in the surprisingly stirring trailer above. It has a lot of dragons, sure, but does it have unlimited dragons?