PC Gamer UK August issue

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Stop tapping out those emails, lay down that furiously scribbling pen and set free your carrier pigeons. The new issue of PC Gamer UK is here. In addition to its rigorous reviews, a bumper-load of percipient E3 previews and in-depth features covering The Sims 4, Battlefield Hardline and Transformers Universe, this issue also contains a free and exclusive Killing Floor 2 in-game jacket. The sustained hordes of blood-gushing zombies will marvel at your style. And then try to eat you.

That's not all! We're also giving readers a free copy of Tidalis, the block-based puzzler from Arcen Games. The issue, which is in shops now, can be ordered through My Favourite Magazines. Digitally, you'll find it on the App Store, Google Play, and Zinio, and you can subscribe to get issues delivered directly to your door. Read on for a look at the subs cover, and a round-up of the features to be found in issue 268.

PC Gamer US #256: The Sims 4

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Let's face it: real life can get pretty boring. Bills, taxes, work. The Sims 4 wants to strip away all of the boring parts and make your sim life better. This month's cover story dives into what Maxis is adding for its next window into Sim life, from improved building tools to better Sim-to-Sim interaction, and how the game's traits and ambitions system will make your Sims more dynamic. We also go to Iceland to bring you the latest on EVE from Fanfest 2014, including the newest info on EVE: Valkyrie, the Oculus Rift-powered space sim from CCP. And if you buy the print version, you'll get a code that lets you play Smite as Zeus, the god of thunder.

Get this exclusive Killing Floor 2 skin in the print edition of PC Gamer US #254

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"Dosh here, grab it while it's hot!"  Killing Floor 2 exists. The follow-up to the gory, cooperative, wave-based shooter impressed Wes when he went to visit Tripwire in Georgia for our exclusive first look. Coupled with our coverage of Killing Floor 2 in our magazine, though, is a special gift: a unique character skin that you can only get by buying the print magazine.

The Elder Scrolls: Arena review — June 1994, US edition

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Every Sunday, reviews editor Tyler Wilde publishes a classic PC Gamer review from the '90s or early 2000s, with his context and commentary followed by the full, original text from the archived issue. This week, Bethesda's very first Elder Scrolls game is reviewed in the debut issue of PC Gamer US.

Oh, how fast things can change—no one says "FRP" to refer to fantasy role-playing games anymore, the 1994 Summer Consumer Electronics Show, which predated the first E3 by a year, was visited by Sierra On-Line, Interplay, and MicroProse, and had things gone a little differently, we might be playing Terminator Online instead of The Elder Scrolls Online.

PC Gamer US issue #251: The Future of PC Gaming

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Travel with us to the future to see what PC gaming has become: Are we living in Oculus Rift-powered virtual reality? Surrounded by 4K monitors? Streaming games to more eyes than the Super Bowl over fiber broadband? This month's cover story is all about the incredible changes ahead as our immortal hobby evolves. And speaking of the future, we also talk to Dean Hall about what's next for DayZ—arrows, knives, spears, dogs, and a lot more—and deliver our preliminary alpha review of the standalone game.

PC Gamer US issue #243: The 100 Greatest PC Games of All Time

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From Peggle to Half-Life, this issue of PC Gamer US gives you a definitive list of the top 100 PC Games of All Time. We also review a meat grinder simulator—Company of Heroes 2—and we Reinstall the vomit-inducing Rollercoaster Tycoon 3. Oh yeah, and we went hands-on with Wolfenstein: The New Order.

PC Gamer UK March issue: Total War: Rome 2

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It's Valentine's day! And to celebrate, we've released a new issue of the excellent PC Gamer magazine! Indeed, there can be few things more romantic, more stirring than issue 250 of PCG UK, with its cover image of a grizzled man squatting menacingly in a forest, while a look of pure wrath - or possibly simple constipation - contorts his weathered features into a chilling snarl. Woah woah woah - stop taking off your pants. It's hard to resist, I know, but before you get all amorous, wait to hear what else is on offer in this perfumed boudoir of an issue. You don't want it to be over too soon, do you?

Issue 250 should be on shelves today and is HALF PRICE if you nab it from either Zinio or the App store before the end of this month. Of course, you could always subscribe and get each issue delivered to your door! Hit the jump to see the exclusive subs cover, and stare deeply into Pooping Barbarian Man's gimlet eyes. Then discover what other treats await: news, previews, reviews, retrospectives, tech tests and a picture of Chris Thursten looking sexy on a horse.

PC Gamer UK Christmas issue: Firefall

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Can you hear the sleigh bells jingling, jingling, jingling and reminding you of the impending hell of Christmas shopping? The impatient throngs of miserable people! The life-sapping chill of the wind! Every tinsel-throttled street haunted by the dread spectres of Cliff Richard and Noddy Holder! Instead, why not pick up the latest issue of PC Gamer UK and settle down by the fire - or should I say, Firefall? I should! For it is our cover star - and its open world jump-pack action is a guiding light to eSports and MMO fans even in these dark times.

What's more you get a free beta code to Firefall with the mag! Christmas has indeed come early; every single page of the magazine is a gift in itself.

Issue 247 should be on shelves today and will be available digitally soon. There's also always the option to subscribe and get each issue delivered to your door, earlier and for less money! Sweet. Hit the jump to see the exclusive subs cover, and discover what other treats await: news, previews, reviews, retrospectives, tech tests and more!

PC Gamer UK December issue: The Future of Minecraft

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The winter nights have cast their frosty pall across the land. What's that shadowy shape lurching through the gloom? With its dark square eyes! With its grimacing maw! But, don't fear the Creeper. This green and grisly ghoul stars on the wallet for our spectacular December issue, which is packed with insider knowledge on Mojang's blockbuster indie hit Minecraft - its past, its future, and all the other projects simmering behind the scenes at the House of Notch.

One of which is the clever card-battler Scrolls - and we're giving that away free with the mag! And not only that: we'll be giving away access to the mech-wrecking Hawken beta, too. Blimey.

Issue 246 is on shelves this Friday and will be available digitally soon. There's also always the option to subscribe and get each issue delivered to your door, earlier and for less money! Sweet. Hit the jump to see the exclusive subs cover, and discover what other treats await: news, previews, reviews, retrospectives, tech tests and more!

Subscribe to PC Gamer UK and get a Mionix mouse worth £50

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This website isn't the only way to ingest the world's finest writing on PC gaming, you know. Subscribe to PC Gamer's papery incarnation here in the UK, and you'll receive a hefty wad of perspicacious previews, ruminative reviews, fulsome features and more, all conveniently sandwiched between two lustrous covers. And if you sign up by UK direct debit, you'll not only snag the mag for less then you'd pay in the shops, but you'll also get a Mionix Naos 3200 mouse worth £50.

PC Gamer US April issue: PlanetSide 2 hands-on, with beta key!

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We heard you might want access to one of gaming's most exciting PC exclusives, so we went ahead and sorted that out for you. Issue #225 of PC Gamer US features PlanetSide 2—a veritable Manhattan Project of ambitious massively-multiplayer FPS design being tackled by the same studio that created EverQuest. Each physical issue of the magazine (subscriber copies and newsstand copies) includes a unique beta key for PlanetSide 2 that can be redeemed on the game's website. Woo!

We also get a crack at XCOM: Enemy Unknown, 2K's second (and more faithful, we think) reboot of the turn-based classic. In our reviews section, we verdictize high-fidelity flight sim X-Plane 10, X3: Albion Prelude, Dustforce, Flatout 3, Dear Esther, Earth Defense Force, Q.U.B.E., and more. This month's Reinstall revisits Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger, one of the highest-budget games of its time in 1994 and a beloved FMV classic to boot. In Massive Attack, MMO reporter Josh Augustine preps you for the endgame of Star Wars: The Old Republic, with full-page maps and a detailed walkthrough of the first level 50 Flashpoint. Hard Stuff reviews the successor to Intel's Sandy Bridge CPU, the Core i7-3960X.

Click within for a full look at our cover's jetpacking gentleman.