Iron Man

Get a free weekend of Marvel Heroes thanks to Iron Man 3's existence

Katie Williams at

Since seeing Iron Man 3, I've been plagued by the vaguely disturbing image of Robert Downey Jr. gyrating to funked-up Christmas tunes as Iron Man parts fly at his body. That's nice and all, but I want some badassery again. It's pretty convenient, then, that Marvel Heroes is having a free open beta weekend to celebrate the film's release. Time to experience what superheroism is really about!

Grand Theft Auto IV Iron Man mod includes working repulsor beams, lack of morals

Omri Petitte at

Modding Grand Theft Auto IV is its own small struggle for victory—tweak this INI here, edit models there, and a bunch of script files everywhere—but when it pays off, it pays off spectacularly. In the case of author H1Vltg3's Iron Man mod (via Kotaku), the payoff lets you roam and rocket across Liberty City as the crimson superhero with functioning hand and chest repulsor blasts. More importantly, it lets us be Iron Man but with no restrictive concern for public safety or pesky morality.

A Coward in a Camel - An Iron Man flight sim diary

Tim Stone at

For the last 30 years, sim developers have been slogging their guts out furnishing us with vehicles that live and breathe... machines that leak oily history into the tin drip trays of our lives. They’ve given us realism by the shedload and what have we given them in return? Apart from money, obviously.

I’m hull-down in a Steel Fury sunken lane when a thought hits me like a speeding Panzerschreck rocket: for most of my gaming career I’ve sought out super-realistic digital steeds, then proceeded to use those steeds in a manner that, while not exactly reckless, was hardly honest – hardly reflective of the person I suspect myself to be. What if, just for a change, I repaid a sim’s gift of authenticity with some authenticity of my own?

Free-to-play MMO Marvel Heroes gets first trailer

T.J. Hafer at

Gazillion Entertainment has released the first gameplay trailer and details for Marvel Heroes, its upcoming free-to-play superhero MMO. It seems we'll be fighting our way through the streets as the likes of Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Thor in a Diablo-style isometric beat 'em up. Unsurprising given that the dev's president, David Brevik, is a veteran of Blizzard North, the studio responsible for Diablo and Diablo II.