Get a free weekend of Marvel Heroes thanks to Iron Man 3's existence

Since seeing Iron Man 3, I've been plagued by the vaguely disturbing image of Robert Downey Jr. gyrating to funked-up Christmas tunes as Iron Man parts fly at his body. That's nice and all, but I want some badassery again. It's pretty convenient, then, that Marvel Heroes is having a free open beta weekend to celebrate the film's release. Time to experience what superheroism is really about!

Thanks to Iron Man 3 officially being a thing as of May 3, free-to-play, beat-'em-up MMO will be opening its access to anyone who has an account on the Marvel Heroes site . As you might presume, it's a game about beating your foes till candy comes out - our preview of it last year revealed some promising gameplay.

How to join the fisticuffs, you ask? Register an account , get online anytime from 7 PM PDT on Friday May 3 onwards, and commence the super-powered fun. The open beta will last till 10am PDT on the following Monday. If you've already been playing in the closed beta, then you should know the lineup of free starter heroes has been altered—this weekend, you'll be able to choose from Captain America, Black Widow, Thor, Hulk, and (of course) Iron Man himself.