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Bombshell: a new ARPG borne out of a Duke Nukem lawsuit

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When Interceptor and 3D Realms teamed up, it seemed likely that they would announce a new Duke Nukem—one rumoured to be an action-RPG. That announcement did happen, but, unfortunately for the two studios, it happened in the form of a Gearbox lawsuit saying they weren't allowed to do it. Awkward.

That lawsuit is still ongoing, so in the meantime, Interceptor have launched something else. Bombshell is an ARPG starring a cyborg-Skrillex lady called (and I wish I was joking) Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison. A new trailer introduces us to the character and—as you might expect from people associated with Duke Nukem—isn't particularly subtle about it."

Rise of the Triad developers Interceptor Entertainment have bought 3D Realms

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Somebody has bet on Duke, which, 18 years after the last good Duke Nukem shooter, is something of a surprise. Interceptor Entertainment, developers of the Rise of the Triad remake, have bought 3D Realms, developers of... well, bits of Duke Nukem Forever. The two are rumoured to be collaborating on an upcoming action RPG, called Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction. They're also co-defendants in a lawsuit over unlicensed use of the Duke Nukem IP. Both have got plenty in common then, which makes for a solid foundation in their future relationship.

Gearbox suing 3D Realms and Interceptor over Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction development

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It's time to file legal documents and chew bubblegum, and Gearbox are all outta gum. As current caretakers of the 'King', the developers of Duke Nukem Forever are suing 3D Realms and Interceptor Entertainment over "unauthorized" use of the name. The filing is in response to Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction, a rumoured top-down ARPG, thought to be in joint development by 3D Realms and Interceptor.

New Duke Nukem game from Rise of the Triad dev to be revealed Feb. 25

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A teaser website for a new Duke Nukem game has appeared at, referencing one of The King's cheesiest and well-known one-liners. A countdown clock indicates that more information will be revealed on February 25, though just a little bit of online snooping has already uncovered some details.

Rise of the Triad's 1.2 update brings quicksaves and mod tools

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Absurd FPS Rise of the Triad has just released its 1.2 update, which could alternatively be called the "stuff people kept banging on about" update. It adds a much requested quicksave feature, which should reduce instances of keyboards being thrown out of windows by roughly 32%. It also introduces the game's Ludicrous Development Kit, giving the community the chance to create maps and mods.

Rise of the Triad update improves performance, adds multiplayer maps, caps blood spray

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Rise of the Triad is a messy game. Partly because eyeballs can burst out of a man's head and fly onto your screen, but also because its launch version had a fair share of glitches, exploits and performance problems. This first, massive patch attempts to fix those latter issues. You'll still be strafing through a procession of raining man-chunks, but at least you'll be doing it at a steady frame-rate.

In addition, the 'old-school' FPS is bolstering its rather good multiplayer mode with new maps. Five are being added, from a weird science tube, to a weird collection of chunky floating platforms. An update trailer takes you on the tour of these free battlegrounds.

Rise of the Triad's upgraded (and bloodier) re-release is now available

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As bombastic and silly as your Call of Duties and Battlefields may be, there are certain things you just don't see in shooters made today. Like eyeballs splattering onto your screen, or lava pouring from a roof, or a combination gun and camcorder, or a magical staff of electricity. Or pretty much anything that's part of Rise of the Triad, the now upgraded re-release of Apogee's 1994 FPS.

Rise of the Triad's system requirements and cover art released

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Hear that ratatat-tat? That's the sound of Rise of the Triad once again bursting into our consciousnesses after a quiet spell. The 1995 classic's reboot looks to be coming along swimmingly—why, even the cover has been rebooted, with all the major (and even some of the minor details) lovingly replicated for the modern age. We've also got some details on the system requirements, so you can ascertain whether or not your system is worthy of running a modern, 90s-era FPS.

Dude, this Rise of the Triad multiplayer trailer is totally wicked

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Heads up: we've got our first look at the multiplayer in the upcoming, modern revival of Rise of the Triad. Other than the modern shaders and polygons, it looks very, very faithful to the '94 original. After experiencing the underlying guitar riffs and floaty, arena shooter feel, you may suddenly develop the urge to lace up some Air Jordans and watch Seinfeld on VHS. There's also an equippable bat with an eye on it, which is really the kind of thing I feel like our Battlefields and Calls of Duty are missing these days.