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Humble Indie Bundle 9 is out: includes Fez, FTL, Mark of the Ninja and more

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The Humble organisers aren't afraid of side-projects, but now that they've had their fill of stand-up comics and corporate overlords, they're returning back to the very source of their humility. The ninth Humble Indie Bundle has just gone live, and, in a move that shouldn't surprise anyone, it stars Polytron's gorgeous platformer Fez. You'll also find FTL, Mark of the Ninja, Trine 2, Brutal Legend and Eets Munchies.

Humble Indie Bundle 8 expands with four more games

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Between Hotline Miami, Proteus, Thomas Was Alone... pretty much everything in it, the Humble Indie Bundle 8 has been one of the best game bundles in recent memory. It essentially serves as an indie primer - a brilliant catch-up of some of notable games from the last few years. Now, with a week left before the bundle closes, four more games have been added to that selection. They're also pretty great.

Humble Indie Bundle 7 includes Legend of Grimrock, Binding of Isaac, and more

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The seventh Humble Indie Bundle is upon us, just in time for the holidays. For whatever cash you’ve got left over after your shopping’s done you get a slew of indie winners that include The Binding of Isaac, bloody platformer Shank 2, the surreal Closure, the gross-tastic Binding of Isaac (and its Wrath of the Lamb DLC), and colorful sidescroller Snapshot.

Humble Indie Bundle V sells over 400K. Blame awesome games

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It’s easy to forget about the little things during E3. The trailers are very smashy and the conferences shouty, making it easy to miss out on happy successes of indie bundles.

Humble Indie Bundle 5 makes $1.8 million in 15 hours

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Back in December, the Humble Indie Bundle 4 wowed us by making $1 million in a day. We thought that would prove a hard number to beat, but that was before we knew Humble Bundle 5 would contain Limbo, Psychonauts, Bastion, Sword and Sworcery and Amnesia. Unsurprisingly that incredible collection of games has helped smash the previous record. With the day not yet over, the latest Humble Bundle has already made $1.8 million, making it likely they'll more than double their previous total before the day is out.

Humble Indie Bundle 5 launches, contains Psychonauts, LIMBO, Bastion and more

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Quick question, what's the biggest name game you've ever seen in a Humble Bundle? Whatever you answered, you are now wrong, because the Humble Indie Bundle 5 dwarfs all those that came before it. Previous bundles have usually included a single household name like Braid, World of Goo or Super Meat Boy, backed up by several other smaller (but nonetheless excellent) indie efforts. Humble Bundle 5 on the other hand delivers indie darlings LIMBO and Bastion, awesome survival horror Amnesia: The Dark Descent, recent hit Sword & Sworcery and Psychonauts. Yes that's Tim Schafer's Psychonauts. You may now gasp in excitement.

Introversion: "If Valve aren't launching your game you really have to ask yourself why"

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The Introversion Humble Indie Bundle was a massive success, selling more games in two weeks than the developer had in 10 years: "It was our biggest single sale of any sale we’d ever done before, financially and in terms of player numbers, says creative director, Chris Delay. "Twice as many people play our games thanks to Humble Bundle."

But even though alternate distribution platforms can be profitable, Chris admits that landing Prison Architect on Valve's platform was the ultimate aim: "I think Steam is obviously the market leader. I definitely think that. And I would feel very frustrated if I had a game and Valve turned it down. Getting on Steam is like a number one objective for us, so we have to make sure the game is good enough.

Introversion's managing director, Mark Morris, is just as modest about their future titles: "It’s a really good litmus test, If Valve aren’t launching your game, you really have to ask yourself why."

Watch an indie developer program a feature in real time

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Playing games can desensitize you to the fact that they're really an amalgamation of number and letter strings, each of which was painstakingly placed in the proper order. This Matrix-like wizardry isn't often seen in full, but Daniel Tabár of Data Realms has done us the kindness of offering a window into the intricate labor that goes into coding a game.

In a series of three videos spanning nearly five hours in total (!), Tabár walks us through his process for adding the Techs feature to the indie sidescrolling shooter Cortex Command. You might recognize the game from 2010's Humble Indie Bundle 2—now see a fraction of all the work that went into making it.

Humble Indie Bundle includes Osmos, Edge and Anomoly: Warzone Earth

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The latest pay-what-you-want Humble Bundle is the cross-platformiest one yet. The lovely blob-eat-blob eat 'em up Osmos, multidimensional puzzler, Edge, and the excellent reverse-tower defence strategy game, Anomoly: Warzone Earth are included. Buying you the bundle will give you access to Android, Windows, Mac OS X and GNU/Linux versions of each game and you'll get World of Goo, too, if you pay more than the average donation, currently set at $5.93.

As the trailer above neatly explains, you'll be able to dish out a customisable amount of your donation to the Child's Play charity and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. We love Humble Indie Bundles, so much that we names the Humble Bundle guys as our community heroes of the year.

Humble Indie Bundle sets minimum $1 donation thanks to Steam scam

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The well-meaning earnestness and awesome gaminess of the Humble Indie Bundle IV are being exploited by evil internet users who would probably sell their own grans to be in with a chance of winning the latest Steam competition.

According to the Humble Indie Bundle blog, distinctly un-humble buyers are using the Steam codes from the Humble Indie Bundle to legitimise throwaway Steam accounts created specifically to enter Valve’s current raffle. “It’s a lose-lose situation for the indie developers, charities, Valve, and Humble Bundle,” says the blog.

Humble Indie Bundle 4 adds five more games, soundtracks

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OK, this is just getting silly. As if Humble Indie Bundle 4 wasn't star-studded enough to begin with, it's now added another nearly nuclear helping of bang for your buck. Specifically, the pot's been sweetened with five games from Humble Indie Bundle 3: Crayon Physics Deluxe, Cogs, VVVVVVV, And Yet It Moves, and Hammerfight.

Humble Indie Bundle 4 makes $1 million in a day

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Humble Bundle 4 has made as much money in a day as Humble Bundle 3 did in a week. The total payments sum is shown live on the Humble Indie Bundle 4 front page (currently $1,261,341 and counting). The folks behind the bundle tell us that it took the last sale seven days to reach similar figures, adding that Humble Bundle customers have donated more than $3 million to charity in total so far.

Humble Indie Bundle 4 officially available

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After peeking out from behind Steam's registry files earlier today, Humble Indie Bundle 4 has made its official debut. And yes, it's everything you hoped for. I mean, if this is what happens when the Bundle Wars heat up, I'm all for it.

To start off, there's Jamestown, Bit.Trip Runner, Super Meat Boy, Shank, and NightSky. I know, I know. Your piggy bank just let out a frightened squeal and then exploded. But there's more. If you beat the average price, the masters of the not-so-ancient art of indie bundling will throw in Cave Story+ and Gratuitous Space Battles. As of now, said average is just a spec over $5.00. So yes, take your piggy bank's charred ashes and make with the spending.

Introversion teases Prison Architect with virtual treasure hunt

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Oh Introversion, why must you tease us so? We’ve just received a mysterious email from the indie developer, whose games form the core of the latest Hundle Indie Bundle. The email reads:

“We are running a sneaky treasure hunt and we wanted to give you the next clue. This is ready to be released immediately, and it’s exclusively yours to do with as you wish.

“The clues are all from Introversion’s next game Prison Architect, and showcase Ryan Sumo’s amazing art.

“Some of the clues are buried in the Humble Introversion Bundle.”

Next Humble Indie Bundle to feature Introversion Games?

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Bargain games stalwart Lewie Procter has alerted us to this post on DIY Gamer, which seems to suggest that the latest Humble Indie Bundle might include Introversion software. All Introversion’s games to date are included, with the low-tech delights of Darwinia, Uplink, Defcon and Multiwinia listed in Mac and PC varieties.

The bundle was discovered by sneaky internet users poking about in Steam, who stumbled across Subscription 12283, aka Introversion Humble Indie Bundle Retail. There’s no word on release date, and Humble Indie themselves haven’t commented on it. But Introversion are an ideal match for the Humble Bundle - their low-fi approach and refusal to sell out have made them one of the most-loved developers in the world, and the Bundle gives a lot of its proceeds to charity.

According to DIY Gamer, Introversion have fallen on hard times, though, with their fascinating strategy heist title Subversion being put on hold indefinitely so they could concentrate on something else. Hopefully the Humble Bundle will put some cash in Introversion’s coffers - and remind the world that they still exist.

Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle makes over $1 million

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The Humble Indie Bundle has once again proved an incredible success, with the latest packet of independent gems pulling in over a million bucks.

As reported over at Joystiq, the latest bundle that came packaged with fan-favourite Frozen Synapse went on sale in late September. The deal window is now over, meaning if you didn't get chance to take up the offer you're now out of luck, but 231,799 people took advantage of the pay-as-much-as-you-like deal and scooped not only Frozen Synapse, but SpaceChem and Trauma too. The average donation was $4.81/£3.07 per bundle, pulling in a total of $1,115,350.13/£710,947.02.

Impressive, no?

SpaceChem joins the Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle

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The Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle already received a surprise bonus with point-and-click adventure Trauma, and now indie puzzle game SpaceChem has further sweetened the pot. In case you are not going through enough mental contortions from trying to plot your next move in Frozen Synapse, you can take a break by trying to solve problems with SpaceChem's molecular machines.

You can buy the bundle here. If you already have it, you will find that SpaceChem has been added to your account. Buyers who pay more than the average also receive Trine, the Shadowgrounds games, the prototype for Jack Claw, and a preorder for Splot. One week remains for this sale, which benefits the Electronic Frontiers Foundation and Child's Play.

Frozen Synapse bundle receives some Trauma

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Earlier this week we told you about the superb Frozen Synapse headlining the latest Humble Bundle, and today the deal just got sweeter. Acclaimed point-and-click adventure game Trauma is now part of the bundle as a bonus.

If you already jumped on Frozen Synapse, don't worry: anyone who has already bought the Frozen Synapse Bundle still gets Trauma added to their Humble Bundle download page. But if you haven't bought the bundle yet, Trauma is yet another reason to do so.

You can buy the Frozen Synapse bundle here. Proceeds from this sale support the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Child’s Play charity.

New Humble Bundle offers Frozen Synapse, other Frozenbyte games

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The latest Humble Bundle offers the tactical, turn-based Frozen Synapse (and its soundtrack) for a very reasonable "whatever you want to pay." As always, the bundle is DRM-free and you can register your copy of Frozen Synapse with another digital distributor, if you wish.

Gamers who pay pay more than the average ($4.37 at present) will also receive Trine, Shadowgrounds, Shadowgrounds: Survivor, Jack Claw (a prototype for a cancelled project) and the in-development Splot. This sale supports the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Child's Play charity.

Humble Indie Bundle 3 now includes Humble Indie Bundle 2 games

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The Humble Indie Bundle 3 has expanded in all directions. The pay-what-you want package originally offered Crayon Physics Deluxe, Cogs, VVVVVV, And Yet it Moves and Hammerfight, then Mojang threw in a trial to let purchasers play Minecraft for free until August 14. Then rotating robo-blaster Steel Storm jumped in, but that still wasn't enough.

Now, if you pay more than the average contribution (currently $5.22) for the Humble Indie Bundle 3, you'll get the Humble Indie Bundle 2 games as well.