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The War Z renamed as Infestation: Survivor Stories - is still rubbish

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Here's a news story that doubles up as a Public Service Announcement. If you stumble across a game called Infestation: Survivor Stories, don't be fooled - it's still the same The War Z that received a score of 30 when we reviewed it at the start of the year. And while it may have been rebranded in light of "trademark issues", we've heard no reports to suggest the underlying game has gotten any better since.

The War Z taken offline after hackers gain access to player data

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In a statement made where their forum page used to be, OP Productions, publishers of The War Z, say that hackers have infiltrated the databases for the game and forums, gaining access to player information. In response, the game has been taken offline while they investigate the system vulnerabilities that led to the infiltration.

The War Z review

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I can see the benefits to having an identical twin. I mean, being followed around by someone that shares all your genetic traits must be like having a constant, you-shaped reminder to distinguish yourself. It’d probably make you a better person.

When The War Z revealed itself last July, jumping into DayZ’s still-fresh footsteps, the hope—mine, at least—was that the games’ doppelgangering designs would drive a mutual ambition between them. One that gamers would benefit from. Both Z’s throw you into a vast, brutal sandbox filled with players and zombies. Both scatter a mix of boring and military items within their worlds, and make food scavenging as necessary as bullets.

Why you shouldn't play The War Z

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We're a day away from The War Z's one-month anniversary of being removed from Steam. Throughout this time, it's been buyable and playable through The War Z's website. For several weeks, developer Hammerpoint Interactive has considered it fit enough to be labeled as version 1.0.

I'm in the process of playing The War Z for our review, but for now, I wanted to take a moment to point out a couple reasons why The War Z isn't a game that's worth your time, and certainly one that doesn't deserve to know your credit card information.

The War Z's servers brought down by hackers

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The continuing saga of The War Z's misfortune - er - continues, although this time the game's not making headlines for the actions of its creators. Over the past few days The War Z's servers have been subjected to a variety of attacks, as hackers target the game for whatever reason it is that hackers attack anything. They're bored, I guess.

DayZ creator Dean Hall on The War Z fiasco

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The War Z's abrupt launch and subsequent removal on Steam prompted a strong reaction from the community over the Foundation Release's strange name, missing features, and misleading Steam description. (The War Z is still buyable on Hammerpoint's website.) Executive Producer Sergey Titov gave us his response to the ordeal, but DayZ creator Dean "Rocket" Hall (save for this tweet) was quiet. Breaking his silence more directly in a Reddit post yesterday, Hall described his feelings on the issue.

The War Z apologises to players who "misread" false Steam information [Update: no longer buyable on Steam]

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UPDATE: The War Z is no longer purchaseable on its Steam page. Speaking to Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Valve Director of Marketing Doug Lombardi said the removal stemmed from "prematurely issuing a copy of War Z for sale via Steam." Further sales are on hold until Valve has time "to work with the developer and have confidence in a new build." Valve is also offering refunds by filing a support ticket. The game is still purchasable at $15, $25, and $50 tiers at thewarz.com, and playable through the game's proprietary launcher as well as any already-purchased Steam copy.

The War Z now available on Steam

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After an alpha period we had mixed feelings on and a feature-laden beta update, The War Z shambles onto Steam today. The initial launch is being called a "Foundation Release" by developer Hammerpoint Interactive.

The War Z enters beta, expands map and adds new characters and items

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We've already picked apart our spongy zombie delicacies over Hammerpoint's alpha offerings of its open-world survive-em-up The War Z, but a reevaluation might soon be necessary as Hammerpoint announced The War Z's transition into beta today and the appearance of new playable characters, clan chat and tag support, more purchaseable store items, and the remaining final section of its sprawling Colorado map.

Giveaway: Win this absurd $2,800 Origin PC courtesy of The War Z

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For the low, non-existent price of liking us on Facebook and sending us an email, you can be eligible to win a new PC. Courtesy of The War Z creators Hammerpoint Interactive, we’re giving away a fancy rig tricked-out with the laser-etched logos you crave. But more importantly, it’s stuffed with a quad-core Intel Core i7 3770K, a liquid cooling system, a GTX 680, and backed by Origin’s warranty program.

The War Z developer Hammerpoint "doesn't mind" comparisons to DayZ

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Some may assume that there can be only one premier open-world zombie apocalypse experience, and that Rocket's standalone DayZ and Hammerpoint's The War Z must be battling over its maggot-infested throne. Yet, War Z Executive Producer Sergey Titov feels that gamers hold enough inventory space in their hearts for both games to peacefully co-exist, telling VG247 he "doesn't mind" inevitable comparisons to DayZ in both content and presentation.

The War Z beta to launch on Halloween, trailer shows night time bandit stand-off

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An alpha for The War Z will kick off on October 15, a couple of weeks before the launch of a closed beta on October 31. There are two pre-order packages available now on The War Z site offering "Pioneer" alpha access for $29.99, or "Survivor" beta access for $19.49. The Pioneer package also comes with $15 of in-game currency, a badge to show off your pioneer status and a month of "'Stronghold' map server hosting."

There's a new trailer to celebrate this month of testing madness. It shows an encounter between a pair of players, some ambient zombies, and a well fortified house full of player-controlled bandits. Read on to watch the tense stand-off, and see someone stealthily shoot the LOUDEST SNIPER RIFLE at some unsuspecting enemies.

The War Z Colorado map trailer shows verdant forests of death

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Late last week, Hammerpoint Interactive unleashed a video flythrough of its sprawling Colorado map for upcoming zombie wander-fest The War Z. Recurring undead haunts such as rusted, abandoned cars, disheveled gas stations, and, of course, lots of supposedly safe trees pepper the arboreal landscape across nearly 200 square kilometers and will most certainly double as the future grave of my hapless corpse and that ultra-rare rifle I just scrounged. Hammerpoint's ambitions definitely abound in this trailer, which you can spot after the jump.

You can permanently lose items purchased with real money in The War Z

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The War Z sticks players in an open-world test of survival against nature, carpets of zombies, and fellow survivors, but here's another punch in the gut from realism: you can permanently lose cash shop items purchased with real money through the in-game store. Good heavens, is it griefing o' clock already?

The War Z's Colorado map size detailed

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Yesterday, Executive Producer Sergey Titov fed the forumites of brewing open-world zombie MMOFPS The War Z with a duo of screenshots exhibiting the expected scale of a map codenamed "Colorado."

Stretching for around 160-170 square kilometers of terrain, Titov says Colorado covers a massive, zombie-filled zone around the size of DayZ's Chernarus, minus its ocean. The map's expected player count hovers around 130 players for a comfortable session, but at 200 or more, bumping into someone else could occur as frequently as every 15 minutes.

The War Z new screenshots, interview on weapons, game systems, ambition

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The War Z is giving me mood swings. I feel like I have a pair of contradictory spirits on my shoulders; Yes, I would like another open-world, PC-exclusive survival game, Shoulder Ghost #1. Duh. But the promises made by the game's creators (who are so newly-established that they don't have a website) invite arm-crossing and skepticism. Can these guys really execute the tremendous list of features they’ve laid-out? 250-player capacity, PvE/PvP, unrestrictive-but-accessible gameplay, multiple open worlds that will rival or exceed the size of DayZ’s, free content updates, player-owned servers, and stuff like bounties and vaccination?

I got Executive Producer Sergey Titov talking about his studio's lofty promises for The War Z, and poked him for hard details on its systems and what sort of shooter it’ll be.