EU giveaway: win boxes and boxes of World of Warcraft loot

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To celebrate the release of the Worldbreaker expansion pack and the Assault on Icecrown boxed set for the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game, we've got a crate-load of World of Warcraft loot to give away to our European readers, with first, second and third prizes up for grabs.

First prize includes - deep breath - the now-rare World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Collector's Edition boxed set, a super-rare Mottled Drake loot card that unlocks an in-game flying mount, the Assault on Icecrown boxed set, the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game Worldbreaker Epic Collection, a World of Warcraft Trading Card Game booster pack, the Wrath of the Lich King soundtrack, enormous Horde and Alliance flags and an inflatable Frostmourne sword, as seen modeled by the PC Gamer UK team here. PHEW.

We really have to give them away as soon as possible, because we keep falling over them. If you live in Europe, read on for details on how to win.

UPDATE: The winners have been chosen! First prize - NoX, because that sounds like exactly the sort of thing Tim might do if he owned a continent. Second prize - Eccles, because there aren't enough Laser Death Cats or Plasma Doom Dogs in games. Last but not least, slaaneshi611, because Incontinent is a brilliant name for a continent. Winners, please check your forum account messages for details on how to claim your prize. Thanks to all who entered!

Get free access to the 8Realms beta with today's code word

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You can jump into Jagex' new browser-based, empire building game, 8Realms for free right now using today's mighty code word of power. All you have to do is head over to the 8Realms site, create a Jagex account and then enter the code "attilathehun" into the beta code box. Signing up with the code word will also grant you an exclusive flag for your towns. Once you've built your first farm, redeem your exclusive reward by clicking on the empire flag section of the activity screen.

Get free access to 8 Realms with today's code

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Jagex' new empire-building game, 8Realms is in beta now, and we've got another special code that will give you free access. It's a game about building a tiny settlement into a bustling metropolis, then spawning other metropolises until you have an enormous empire full of great wonders, and protected by hundreds of warriors. If you fancy giving the game a go for free, read on for today's key word.

Free access to 8 Realms beta for 50,000 people

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How would you like to try Jagex' new browser-based kingdom building game, 8 Realms for free? The game offers a persistent online world in which to grow a kingdom. You expand by trading and battling with neighbouring players, and by improving the culture of your cities. The first 50,000 people to enter the game using the code world below will be able to build wonders and crush their enemies for free using the special code word below.

Giveaway: Win one of 400 Dawn of Fantasy beta keys

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Dawn of Fantasy is a massively multiplayer RTS that combines city building, army management and enormous dragons. You start by throwing down your flag in one of the game's nine major territories. From here you can grow and upgrade your city, establish trade routes and construct defenses to secure your kingdom. You can also train huge armies, and launch attacks on neighbouring lands controlled by other players.

We've got 400 Dawn of Fantasy closed beta keys to give away, which will let you play the game for free until the end of the beta on Sunday May 15. Read on for your chance to win.

Get free access to the 8 Realms closed beta now

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Over the course of the next week, we're offering free access to the closed beta of Jagex' new empire building game, 8 Realms. All you have to do to play is create a Jagex account, and enter the beta code below. Voila! Your're away, building your small settlement into a vast empire that will grind your opponents into dust. Or trade with them. Whatever floats your boat.

EU Facebook Giveaway: Win one of ten copies of Portal 2

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We've played Portal 2, we reckon it's pretty great. Would you like to play Portal 2, too? We've got ten codes to give away on Facebook right now. If you live in Europe, and fancy a chance of winning a code, simply answer the querstion on the PC Gamer Facebook Page. Good luck!

Update: The winners have been chosen! Congratulations to Franco Baccarini, Michael Price, Josha Munnik, John Briggs, Jonathan Armer, Chris Heaslop, Ross Lloyd, Mykolas Sindeikis, Adrian Lunatitc, Janos Victor Morrisseyh. If you haven't received a code through Facebook, please drop an email to to claim your prize. Thanks for entering and sorry for the long wait. We'll be much quicker with future competitions.

Facebook Giveaway: 1000 Rift free weekend pass codes

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You may have heard of Rift. It's a new MMO set in a world that's under constant inter-dimensional attack. When you're not teaming up with other warriors to defeat demons and close holes in the universe, you're levelling up your character with Rift's innovative soul system, which lets you swap your skills around at will, and offers a vast number of builds with which to experiment.

Recently, Rift launched its first major world event with patch 1.1. Alsbeth, the Queen of the Dead, has started raising hell in every zone, and it's up to Rift's players to push back and defend Telara. This weekend, we're offering you a chance to join the fight. To enter, simply click on the link below and enter your details. The first 1,000 entrants will receive a key that will let you play the game for free this weekend.

Imperium Romanum now free to PC Gamer readers

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How would you like a free game? We're giving away a copy of Imperium Romanum: Gold Edition to all of our readers, courtesy of Green Man Gaming. Imperium Romanum lets you build and manage a city in ancient Rome. You'll have to fortify your city to keep your citizens safe, and keep them entertained with Gladiatorial Arenas, while saving enough money to construct some of the iconic architecture of the age, including the grand Colosseum. Read on for details on how to claim your free game.

Giveaway: You got Duke Nukem in my Heroes of Newerth

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I love peanut butter cups. Today, Heroes of Newerth is my chocolate and Jon St. John doing the voice of Duke Nukem is my peanut butter--and the product of their pairing is delicious. The newest announcer pack for HoN (which changes all of the audio elements of the game, like "first kill") features the Duke himself saying new lines that make your victories feel incredibly badass and your defeats even more humiliating. As the patron saint of PC Gamer, Duke's given us five copies that we can give away to you! Read on to find out how to enter.

Giveaway: 150 Mythos beta keys up for grabs

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Mythos started out as an action RPG, created by the lead developers of Diablo and Torchlight. It was created to test the network technology for Hellgate: London, and ended up being more fun than the game it was built to test. After a long hiatus, Mythos is set to return as an MMO. A closed beta is about to start, and we've got 150 keys to give away. Read on for your chance to win.

Darkspore beta key giveaway!

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What would it look like if Diablo was rocketed into space and populated by aliens? We want to give you a chance to find out with a key for Darkspore's closed beta! The codes give you access to every beta event, the first of which starts tomorrow!

UPDATE: We've selected all of the winners and will be sending out the beta codes this afternoon! We'll be giving away thousands of more codes over the course of the beta period, so if you didn't get one this time, stay tuned!

Extended Giveaway: Win one of 1256 Crasher beta keys

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Crasher puts you behind the wheel of a powerful death racer and throws you into huge online arenas to to battle with your friends. Every vehicle can be outfitted with a host of unlockable weapons and upgrades, so you can tailor your machine to fight just the way you want.

We got an overwhelming response earlier this week when we gave away 250 codes. So we asked nicely and got an extra 1000 from the nice people at Punchers Impact, especially for you.

Read on for your chance to win.

UK Christmas bonanza - Day 12: Win a Corsair Force Series 240GB solid state drive

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Merry Christmas everyone! We hope you've enjoyed the UK Christmas bonanza. We've already given away thousands of pounds worth of games, headsets, graphics cards, board games and much more, but now it's time for the grand finale. We've saved the fanciest piece of tech for Christmas day. Read on for your chance to win a cutting edge 240GB solid state drive from Corsair worth £375.

UK Christmas bonanza - Day 11: Win a Radeon 5770 IceQ 1GB graphics card from HIS

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Welcome to the bonanza Christmas eve competition special. It's so close to Christmas that we're vibrating with excitement. But what about our PC's? Our desktop workhorses slave away all day every day to bring us the best games, and all they get in return is a sharp kick when they break down. Win today's competition and you'll be able to give your machine a new lease of life with a demonic Radeon 5770 1GB DirectX 11 graphics card. We've got three to give away, so read on for your chance to enter.

UK Christmas bonanza - Day 10: Win a 64GB USB 3.0 drive

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We're up to day ten of our massive Yuletide give away. If knowledge is power then today's prize will bring power to your pockets. We're giving away a DataTraveller Ultimate 64GB USB drive worth £173. It's light, portable, and thanks to its USB 3.0 interface, blindingly fast. Read on for your chance to win.

UK Christmas bonanza - Day 9: Win a Razer headset

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Welcome to day nine of the PC Gamer UK Christmas bonanza. Given the freezing weather we've devoted today's competition to keeping your ears warm. We have two headsets to give away, both of which will keep your ears nice and toasty for the winter. As an added bonus these cutting edge cans also come packed with technology that will make your games sound amazing. A Razer Carcharias gaming headset and a set of Razer Orca gaming and music headphones are both for grabs, so read on for your chance to win.

UK Christmas bonanza - Day 7: Win 3 months of Eve Online game time, Eve boardgame, poker deck and carrier bag

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This is major Tom to ground control. Five sets of Eve Online prizes have been secured and are ready to be distributed to five lucky PC Gamer readers. The goods secured are of the highest quality. Repeat: highest quality, including three months of Eve Online game time, the Eve Online board game, a deck of poker cards and fine canvas carrier bag. Requesting permission to pose readers a question so that we can proceed with giving these great prizes away ASAP? Over.

This is ground control to major Tom. Roger that. Permission granted.

UK Christmas bonanza - Day 5: Win WoW: Cataclysm Collector's Edition, game guide, official magazine and SteelSeries Shift keyboard

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It's the weekend before Christmas, which means the cold outdoors will be full of folks doing some last minute shopping. Forget the hordes outside and join the Horde in Azeroth instead with our great big bundle of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm loot. We've got five sets of prizes to give away, each of which includes the Collector's Edition of Cataclysm, a copy of the Brady Game Guide, the latest issue of the World of Warcraft official magazine and a SteelSeries Shift keyboard with three World of Warcraft mousemats. Soz, guys: we've got one main prize: the Collector's Edition of Cataclysm, a copy of the Brady Game Guide, the latest issue of the World of Warcraft official magazine and a SteelSeries Shift keyboard with three World of Warcraft mousemats. Four runners up will receive the Cataclysm CE, keyboard and WoW mag only. I say "only", they're pretty amazing. Read on for details on how to win.

UK Christmas bonanza - Day 4: 11 copies of Minecraft up for grabs

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There's this tiny indie game created by one man. It's sold hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide and it's players have used it to build hundreds of bizzare and amazing creations, from flying cities to huge, scale replicas of the Starship Enterprise. It's called Minecraft. You may have heard of it. If you want to know what all the fuss is about, why not enter today's competition to win one of 11 copies of the game? Read on for details.