Win a limited edition PC Gamer ship skin for Fractured Space

Fractured Space is a free to play game about warring spaceships. You can fight in 5v5 scraps or team up to complete co-op challenges, earning new gear to customise your enormous battleship. Battles unfold on large starfields where teams must capture vital mining outposts and blow each other up with missile barrages, cannons and lasers. The game has left Early Access this week, and we're running a giveaway to celebrate.

It's also important to look good when you're turning foes into drifting wrecks. We have a solution, courtesy of the fetching PC Gamer Sentinel spaceship skin. It's red, black and white, naturally, and bears the logo. We like to think it's the last thing that pilots will see before their vessels are blasted into smithereens by the sleek Sentinel starter ship.

We have 100,000 keys to give away on the site this weekend. To enter, simply feed your email address into the widget below. Keys will be mailed out to randomly selected winners on Monday. Fractured Space is free to download and play now via Steam.

Also! Look out for a future giveaway in PC Gamer magazine, which will include the Venturer skin and a Cadet pack worth £6.99 / $10 that includes three more ship skins, 500 platinum (Fractured Space's in-game currency) and 20 credit boosters.

Here are a few shots of the skin on different ships to whet your appetite. The Sentinel is the ship on the left in this first shot. The skin for the Venturer on the right will appear in the magazine.

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