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Supreme Commander Supreme Battlefeel mod gives SupCom a supreme makeover

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Ever fantasised about what Supreme Commander 3 might look like? Would it be darker, more detailed, with advanced smoke effects and oily orange explosions? The excellently named Supreme Battlefeel mod retextures Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance, and combines beautifully with the Firey Explosion Mod to give seven-year-old game a modern makeover. Take a look at the results in the two videos below.

Chris Taylor: "you can use your imagination" with regards to a new Total Annihilation

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World of Tanks creator Wargaming are trying an experiment. They've taken the rights to the Total Annihilation series. They've also taken Gas Powered Games and its founder Chris Taylor, the developer of Supreme Commander, Dungeon Seige and Total Annihilation. Now they get to sit back and watch what happens. A fair guess would be, "more Total Annihilation", which is something Taylor recently hinted at in an English podcast interview with German site In it, he says things like "I don't even need to be coy", before being excruciatingly coy about his current project.

Total Annihilation franchise bought by Wargaming, the owners of Gas Powered Games

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With THQ's bankruptcy case now resolved, where else can we turn for the will-they-won't-they of franchise auctions? We can certainly get a quick fix of financial peril from Atari, who have sold off properties including Master of Orion and Total Annihilation - both of which have ended up with the current owner of all the money, It should be happy news for TA fans, as the game's original designer, Chris Taylor, and his studio Gas Powered Games are now also being cradled under the Wargaming umbrella.

Gas Powered's Chris Taylor would love to revisit Total Annihilation - sees problems in doing so

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Gas Powered Games' Chris Taylor has revealed his desire to work on a sequel to Total Annihilation. Speaking to VG247, Taylor said he'd love to revisit the RTS series, but admitted he was unsure if people wanted a direct sequel to a game nearly two decades old. Given that plenty of developers have secured millions on Kickstarter using exactly that tactic, I'd suggest that they probably do. Especially when it involves giant mechs.

Gas Powered Games working on a "free-to-play triple-A MMO," may be renamed

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European strategy gaming giant Wargaming picked up troubled studio Gas Powered Games back in February after its all-in Wildman Kickstarter campaign failed. Though Wildman is no more (for now, at least), Gas Powered’s remainder—including founder Chris Taylor—appears close to completing its Wargaming integration. Speaking to Polygon, Taylor says the studio’s temporary new name is Wargaming Seattle, and it’s now busy with a “free-to-play, triple-A MMO with PVP.”

Major new Supreme Commander 2 patch reworks economy (the game's, not ours)

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Gas Powered Games have released a new patch for Supreme Commander 2, over two years since the last update hit. The list of changes and fixes is pretty sizable, as you can see here, but aside from a few balance and AI tweaks, the game's economy appears to be the main thing that's changed. Why now? Gas Powered Games' Steve Bauman has assured us that "there's nothing of any significance to the timing of the patch", but GPG were recently acquired by, so I'm not ready to lower my eyebrow just yet. Also: it appears to be stuck. Send help.

PC Gamer US Podcast #344 - Galactic Bully

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This week we speculate on the nature of the unexpected layoffs at Valve, and also discuss the future of Gas Powered Games, the state of Kickstarter as a financing platform, and celebrate the re-arrival of System Shock 2.

Listen to PC Gamer Podcast 343: Galactic Bully acquire Gas Powered Games

Phil Savage at have just announced that they will acquire Gas Powered Games, along with its CEO and founder Chris Taylor. Taylor had previously been banking GPG's future on a Kickstarter for the RPG/RTS Wildman, despite a round of staff lay-offs taking place just after the campaign's launch. The funding drive was recently cancelled, but clearly garnered enough public interest to prompt the World of Tanks developer into making an offer.

Chris Taylor cancels Wildman Kickstarter with four days and $600K to go

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With over half a million dollars left to raise and only a few days remaining, Gas Powered Games founder Chris Taylor has canceled the Wildman Kickstarter campaign. Taylor didn't say what will happen to the hybrid RPG/RTS or Gas Powered Games, just that it makes sense to focus attention on "other ways" to keep the studio running.

PC Gamer UK Podcast: Episode 84 - Nuclear Idiot

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This week, Chris and Toms Senior and Francis talk Teleglitch, SimCity, Crysis 3 multiplayer and more. Includes our thoughts on the troubles at Gas Powered Games, Jon Blow's next game, and your
questions from Twitter.

The five best game trailers of all time

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This week has seen the release of several pre-rendered cinematic trailers. Exciting though theywere, brows were raised, then furrowed, then frowned in the PCG office as we noted how precious little these dramatic scenes reflected the actual action of the game.

It need not be so. Even fully pre-rendered trailers can do a better job of encapsulating the games they promote - and probably do a better job of selling them too. We cast our minds back to our favourite trailers of yore, and picked out the five that we felt best captured the games within, while offering visuals that are every bit as thrilling, powerful and cool.

Chris Taylor asks backers whether he should continue with Wildman Kickstarter

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Following the news of layoffs at Gas Powered Games, studio head Chris Taylor has issued a video statement explaining the situation, in addition to asking backers whether he should continue with the Kickstarter campaign, considering everything that's happened in the last couple of days.

Layoffs hit Gas Powered Games just after launching $1.1M Kickstarter campaign

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Kotaku is reporting that "almost everyone" has been laid off at developer Gas Powered Games. That's from an anonymous source, but Chris Taylor, founder of GPG, later e-mailed Kotaku to confirm that layoffs have occurred, though not how many.

Wildman update video shows early gameplay, details DRM, engine, canned corn

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Chris Taylor has a lot of things to say about Gas Powered Games' RTS/RPG hybrid Wildman. We know, because we chiseled them all down on a reading rock coveted by our tribe. More information surfaced today as part of an update to backers of Wildman's Kickstarter campaign, as a still-unscathed Taylor stepped in front of the camera to show off a rough in-game ruckus and talk about DRM (spoiler: none), the game's proprietary engine, and multiplayer.

Chris Taylor's secret project is Wildman, a barbaric RPG/RTS hybrid

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Gas Powered Games, developers of Supreme Commander and Dungeon Siege, are now mashing those two things together into an RPG/RTS hybrid called Wildman. You play as one warrior in a large battle, gradually upgrading yourself, the allied army, and your control over them. And they're asking you to fund it, through Kickstarter.

Age of Empires Online ending new content production as it's "no longer cost-effective"

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We haven't heard much from Gas Powered Games' Age of Empires Online since the addition of the Norse civilization back in October which added more bearded soldiers to the MMORTS and sent our intern/resident Scandinavian berserker T.J. into fits of joy. A blog entry posted today on the official website clears things up: Age of Empires Online won't receive any additional new content, except for "a small amount of content still in the pipeline."

Community-made Forged Alliance Forever keeps Supreme Commander multiplayer alive

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The official multiplayer servers for Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance have been decommissioned for a while now, but fortunately for those who like to take mass and energy and combine them to make WAR, the community-driven Forged Alliance Forever has emerged. The self-patching multiplayer client allows players of the epic real-time strategy title to continue blowing things up in massive quantities. It even adds new units, a new faction, and some game modes that weren't available on the official servers, such as 6v6.

Supreme Commander: watch PC Gamer's epic battle against the robot menace

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Ever since I got obsessed with the original Supreme Commander last year, I've been trying to set this up. All of us, in one game, against AI opponents so powerful they might obliterate us all.

It’s 6v2: me, Graham, Rich, Tim, Toms Senior and Hatfield are the human team, and the two AIs we’re facing get double resources and build speed. That could get out of control fast: they can get to higher tech units faster than us. So we need a plan.

Planetary Annihilation shatters Kickstarter target, sails on towards stretch goals

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Planetary Annihilation has sailed past its target with the speed and grace of an asteroid sliding into impact trajectory. The $900,000 goal has been met but there are 15 days left on the clock. Now the team are asking for more donations to meet their stretch goals, which will give them the money to add naval units and water planets at $1.1m, and gas giants at $1.3m.

Uber have released a video update to express their delight. A coffee cup is thrown, shades are removed dramatically, a bright red hat is donned. They seem genuinely chuffed. Here, have a look.

Age of Empires Online throws Babylonians into the mix

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To celebrate the free to play MMORTS's one year anniversary, Gas Powered Games has revealed the identity of its fifth playable civilization to Eurogamer. The economically-focused Babylonians will be joining the Celts, Greeks, Persians, and Egyptians. The devs told Eurogamer that the focus is "their ability to build a strong economy, and quickly."