Supreme Commander Supreme Battlefeel mod gives SupCom a supreme makeover

Ever fantasised about what Supreme Commander 3 might look like? Would it be darker, more detailed, with advanced smoke effects and oily orange explosions? The excellently named Supreme Battlefeel mod retextures Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance, and combines beautifully with the Firey Explosion Mod to give seven-year-old game a modern makeover. Take a look at the results in the two videos below.

Modder alienhunter described the third edition of Battlefeel the "Michael Bay" update, but it looks closer to Pearl Harbour than Transformers. The mod modifies all unit textures from the original factions, replaces environmental textures and tweaks particle effects (particularly smoke). You'll find a link to the 1GB download on ModDB , which also hosts the Firey Explosion mod .

It would be remiss to talk of SupCom modding without mentioning the superb Sorial AI mod , which greatly improves enemy commander AI, and gives you lots of ways to tweak enemies to encourage the sort of war you prefer.

Tom Senior

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