Major new Supreme Commander 2 patch reworks economy (the game's, not ours)

Gas Powered Games have released a new patch for Supreme Commander 2, over two years since the last update hit. The list of changes and fixes is pretty sizable, as you can see here , but aside from a few balance and AI tweaks, the game's economy appears to be the main thing that's changed. Why now? Gas Powered Games' Steve Bauman has assured us that "there's nothing of any significance to the timing of the patch", but GPG were recently acquired by , so I'm not ready to lower my eyebrow just yet. Also: it appears to be stuck. Send help.

If you've not played the series that periodically resurfaces to devour our free time , the patch notes aren't likely to make much sense, but thankfully our resident SupCom2 expert Tom Francis was on hand to explain that this update offers a pretty major reworking of the game's economy. ( And not for the first time either )

The game should update automatically via Steam - in fact, it probably already has - so if you've been waiting for a reason to dive back into SupCom2, you've found it.

Tom Sykes

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