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Sunless Sea sails out to Kickstarter in search of rescue

Phil Savage at

The sea is a terrible place. It's deadly, angry, and is basically filled with aliens. Why you'd want to go there is an absolute mystery. At least space is only passively trying to kill you. Its many collected horrors do make it a suitably atmospheric setting for a game, though. Sunless Sea takes the briny jerk, and uses it as the basis for exploratory adventure and survival. It's being made by the team behind Fallen London, and is now on Kickstarter looking for backers.

Interactive fiction tools StoryNexus and Quest released

Marsh Davies at

You are at The proud red, black and white masthead hangs to the NORTH. To the SOUTH lie the website credits, which are direly in need of an update (sorry). Directly in front of you is an article about two powerful and user-friendly interactive fiction tools, which have both been released within day of each other. You feel a faint wind upon your face and a strong desire to read the article.

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