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Remember Me review

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Set in a cyberpunk vision of Paris where memory is currency, Remember Me is a third-person action-adventure teenager. It badly wants to impress its peers – and you – with its sheer weight of selfconscious stuff. On top of all the conventional action-adventure jumping and running, it throws in stealth sequences, rooftop chases, platforming and a splash of something uniquely its own. Heck, there’s even a heroine who isn’t a walking pair of mammaries, just for good measure.

Much like a teenager, Remember Me is a little awkward, and prone to taking its cue from others. As its protagonist, Nilin, wobbles theatrically into the introductory sequence, the credits cutting in at intervals, it’s hard not to feel a painful twinge of cyberpunk deja vu. It’s the oldest story in the dystopian book: amnesiac ex-badass finds herself inexplicably embroiled in a revolution and also the quarry of a menacing mega-corporation.

Remember Me developer struggled with securing a publisher over female protagonist

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Remember Me is an upcoming action-adventure game combining stealth, parkour, cyberpunk, and the Inception-like concept of memory alteration. An amazing pitch, one sure to woo plenty publishers—oh, wait, the main character is a lady. Pass. That's essentially what developer Dontnod Entertainment experienced while shopping its game to prospective funders, and in an interview with Penny Arcade, creative director Jean-Maxime Moris says the studio was told more than once that "You can't have a female character in games."

Remember Me trailer plays glitchy piano music, shows clumsy androids

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I don't care if I'm playing an elite memory-eraser hopping across the rooftops of a cluttered Neo-Paris, I still want my money back if the robo-pianist I'm listening to shorts a circuit halfway through a sonata. That doesn't seem to faze Nilin, the wild-haired, guard-punching heroine of Dotnod's cinematic fight-and-flight Remember Me.