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Neverwinter: Fury of the Feywild now live, adds new zone, races, unicorns

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Neverwinter's Fey aren't just wild, they're furious. Though I'm not sure why: they get to ride unicorns and have ridiculous fairy pets and everything, in this very first expansion to Cryptic Studios' free-to-play MMORPG. Fury of the Feywild adds playable Moon and Sun Elves to the game; it also adds a new zone, items and enemies and so on, though you'll have to part with your hard-earned real-world gold for some of it. Silly names and gorgeous vistas await in the launch trailer.

Neverwinter details upcoming Campaign meta-quest system

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Neverwinter's first content expansion, Fury of the Feywild, is due out in "Summer 2013". A quick look out of the window, at spontaneously roasting birds hurtling through the sky, suggests that its release is pretty imminent. With it comes a new Campaign system: a 'meta-quest' feature that will allow players to unlock rewards and additional regions of the Elven city of Sharandar.

Neverwinter invites you to its Whispering Caverns - it would be rude to say no

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Neverwinter is here, and like the British summer it's currently in open beta - meaning it suffers from the odd rain cloud now and again. Still, if you're a fan of dungeons and/or dragons and/or free things, you should probably get stuck in. This latest video takes us on a brief tour through the Whispering Caverns - a lovely family picnic spot located just outside Neverwinter, off the M1. Oh. It's actually a giant labyrinth of tunnels filled with all manner of beasties such as giant spiders and my nemesis the Beholder (pictured above). I don't think Nan would like that. I don't think Nan would like that at all.

Affected by Neverwinter's launch issues? Here are some workarounds

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Online games almost always run into trouble during their grand launches, as us online gamers are only too aware. For many games, it's the first time they've been introduced to such a wide audience, and the resulting stress and unearthing of bugs is often more than the developers might anticipate. Why, you could almost feel sorry for them - almost. Of course, not being able to play a game you've paid for sucks, and it might be something you've experienced with the launch of Neverwinter's open beta. While the team at Perfect World try to wrangle the queue issues, here are some obscure fixes for other problems you might be having.

Neverwinter releases its open beta on April 30

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Forgotten Realms based free-to-play MMO Neverwinter will open its doors to adventurers on April 30th. That's when the open beta begins, signalling the awkward period in the free-to-play lifecycle where a game is out, but sort of isn't, despite the fact that it is. Cryptic Studios have also released a new trailer - one that answers the question, "What is Neverwinter?" It certainly isn't whatever the weather is doing at the moment, which, as we move into April, seems more like Foreverwinter.

Neverwinter Control Wizard montage has a lot of fancy hand-waving

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The Control Wizard is Neverwinter's ranged juggler, a useful party member for poking enemies from afar with fingers of ice or a friendly buzz from a lightning bolt. Here's a collection of moments showing off the Wizard's adeptness at blasting away those straying too close, liberal crowd control, and the interpretive dance of casting animations.

Star Trek Online three-year anniversary beams up guest appearance by Denise Crosby

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Star Trek Online is about to boldly go into its third year since engaging back in early 2010, and from January 31 through February 14, players can take part in a celebratory episode called "Temporal Ambassador" where they'll cross paths with the late Enterprise Chief Tactical Officer Tasha Yar, played in-game as she was in The Next Generation series by Denise Crosby.

PC Gamer US issue #236: Neverwinter, plus an exclusive in-game item

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The next issue of PC Gamer US features an exclusive hands-on with Neverwinter, modern successor to BioWare's classic RPG. We visited Cryptic Studios to get direct impressions on the ambitious free-to-play return of one of our favorite PC games. Look inside for a full reveal of the issue, and for a look at the four exclusive, collectible subscriber covers.

Neverwinter Trickster Rogue class trailer shows sneaky stabbing, clever flanking

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Neverwinter's Trickster Rogue class carries all the properties of the archetypal dagger-wielding shadowmaster in MMORPG fare. Cryptic's latest class video following the Guardian and Control Wizard reveals the agile assassin evading attacks and dealing quick flurries and backstabs using plenty of hard-hitting abilities. The RPG fan in me says "yes." The stealth fan in me says "yesyesyes." Neverwinter releases in early 2013.

EA, Cryptic, Riot discuss "dead" subscription models, free-to-play's influence

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GamesIndustry sat down with members of various studios for a lengthy exploration into the industry's shifting perception of freemium game development, the climbing popularity of free-to-play MMO subscription models, and the shaky balancing act between "money-grabs" and quality free ventures. EA (Battlefield Play4Free), Cryptic Studios (Star Trek Online), Riot Games (League of Legends), and 22 Cans (Curiosity) shared their thoughts on the steady-yet-rocky proliferation of free content.

Cryptic decrypts Neverwinter's Foundry system

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Neverwinter's fantasy MMO foundation might stick to established norms we're all used to--magic, medieval weaponry, hitting a 17-foot dragon in the shins, and so on--but its Foundry quest editor gives players the chance to forge their own epic sagas of malice, might, and mischief using Neverwinter's sizable asset library of NPCs, room layouts, monsters, and ubiquitous text boxes.

Cryptic: Reviews "don't do a great justice" to MMOs

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Star Trek Online producer Dan Stahl spoke with [a]listdaily in an interview about the benefits of well-known science-fiction franchises spearheadingfree-to-play MMOs and how the genre's constantly shifting content isn't congruous with traditional review systems, saying, "In my opinion, the whole game rating business doesn't necessarily do a great justice to MMOs."

Neverwinter Guardian class trailer shows diverse abilities, agile tanking through careful timing

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Tanks are magical beings. For all their plate-metal tonnage and dinner table-sized shields, they somehow possess the agility to surge across a battlefield in a silvery blur, causing mini-earthquakes with nothing but a big knife. Neverwinter's Guardian class probably has a bright future as the go-to foundation for a dungeon party, and this gameplay trailer -- the first of a planned series showcasing Neverwinter's five classes -- demonstrates how much destruction occurs when you draw the ire of everything and fight to a tune that's almost the Pirates of the Caribbean theme.

Players rally in protest against City of Heroes' closure

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NCsoft's decision to close Paragon Studios earlier this week consequently meant the shuttering of superhero MMO City of Heroes. That blow landed heavily among the community, but they're striking back with in-game protests and the ever-popular petition -- a petition nearly 14,000 signatures strong so far -- to change NCsoft's mind.

Champions Online wants you to design a boss to fight

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Massively have pointed us to an interesting competition over in Champions Online. Cryptic are asking players to design them a new Supervillain, which will then be used as a ten-man boss in one of Champions' upcoming Alert missions.

Exclusive reveal: Neverwinter's CG PAX teaser trailer and screenshots

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Cryptic's upcoming Neverwinter game has undergone a lot of changes. Originally announced in 2010 as a small-scale co-op RPG, the game's been blown out to a full-scale MMO and, from these first glimpses at the new product, it looks beautiful. The game's playable on the PAX East show floor this weekend, so stop by if you're attending. If not, don't fret: we'll give you our hands-on impressions of the game tomorrow. In the meantime, get excited with this quickie CG teaser and nine dragon-rific screenshots, and check out the official site for more info.

Star Trek Online season four kicks off on Saturday, the Jem'Hadar are back

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Star Trek Online's following up on its recent relaunch as a free-to-play MMO with a new episode titled "the 2800," which will start on Saturday. The new season of story quests will kick off with the reappearance of a Dominion fleet of genetically engineered super-soldiers called the Jem'Hadar at Deep Space 9.

The remaining four episodes will be released every Saturday after that until the season finale on March 10, in which the [glowing light/sparkly cloud/space amoeba] you thought was god turns out to be [an advanced alien lifeform/a satellite that's reached the edges of space and evolved into a troll] who can only be stopped using [a really big missile/ a discombobulated tachyon energy pulse/ true love].

You can play Star Trek Online for free by signing up and downloading the client from the Star Trek Online site. As well as the trailer above, there are these four screenshots featuring wormholes and space-walking.

Star Trek Online sets phasers to F2P today

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SWTOR's shiny, soon-to-be-new tweaks may be hogging the spotlight, but it's not the only space-faring MMO gearing up for a change of pace. Starting today, Star Trek Online is boldly going where, well, pretty much every other MMO has gone before: into the realm of free-to-play. The game now employees a two-tier pricing system, with Silver providing a solid (and free) starting point, while Gold adds all sorts of bells and whistles - including user-created content tools, a larger inventory, and more character slots - for a $15 monthly fee.

Cryptic's released the above trailer to celebrate your space piggy bank's new lease on life. Watch it and revel in slight confusion as generic male Shepard from Mass Effect rises through Starfleet ranks. Or maybe it's his twin cousin. Regardless, mankind may have the technology to live among the stars, but has it lost sight of what matters most: distinctive hairstyles?

New Champions Online archetype isn't a Sith lord, honest

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He's not a Sith Lord, he's a Cosmic Knight. Champions Online's archetypes offer players who don't play a subscription fee pre-defined builds to level with. This one is called The Unleashed, and is described as a "Militant Monk," an "Eldritch Warrior" and a "Mysterious Visitor," albeit one you're not likely to let into your house. He specialises in close range chopping with his lightsa- swords.

Champions Online is free to play, you can download the client from Champions Online site and Steam. In other news, Star Wars: The Old Republic is nearly fully operational. Bioware are set to throw the giant "ON" switch today, launching the game worldwide. You can join us on the Nightmare Lands server in Europe, and on the Crucible Pits in the US.

Star Trek Online gets Season 5 update. Dilithium economy enabled

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While everyone’s going doo-lally about Star Wars, another licensed sci-fi MMO based on a loved franchise is feeling sadly neglected, like an old dog who’s just had to give up his favourite basket because of a new puppy. Star Trek Online was a bit of a failure on release, but it seems that Cryptic still has faith in the MMO, and the “seasons” (read: updates) have added new content and addressed player’s issues.

The latest “season”, numbered five, has been detailed on the official STO blog, and adds the Borg Invasion of Defera (which we inevitably read as DEFRA), Federation and Klingon Academies, as well as a brand new event calendar. Gameplay improvements include a “Duty Officers” minigame (we bet they get shot a lot), the ability to Transwarp to episodes, and a Dilithium Economy.

The new “season” is available now for current subscribers, and will be released for all when the game goes free-to-play on January 17 2012. Hit the jump to see the full list of new and improved content and gameplay.