Star Trek Online’s Legacy update lets you live your Star Trek: Picard dreams

Fair play, Star Trek Online, you’ve got me. Since watching Star Trek: Picard, I’ve been yearning to be papa Picard himself, and its new Legacy update is letting me pretend I am. I can feel my hair falling out now. 

Starring in the Legacy update’s two new episodes is Seven of Nine, who sports the less Borg, more human look she has in Picard. She’s even voiced by the proper actor, Jeri Ryan. Seven is accompanied by classic Star Trek: Discovery character, Michael Burnham, voiced by Sonequa Martin-Green from actual from the TV show. 

You’ll join both of them on a voyage to Excalbia, where you’ll be put through a test of good and evil. But that’s just the start of the Legacy update, as its arrival marks the ten year anniversary of Star Trek Online. Live long and prosper? Give this game a tick for doing that. 

That means there are special anniversary events to take part in now as well as a new Task Force Operation called To Hell With Honor. Speaking as Picard, I do not approve of the message in this title.

I do hugely approve of the big prize up for grabs in this update, though. It’s a Khitomer Alliance Battlecruiser, which is the first ship to combine Federation and Klingon technology, supposedly being a sign that peace is coming to the galaxy. But c’mon, this is Star Trek, peace doesn’t last here. If you want the Battlecruiser you can either participate in the Omega Molecule Stabilization Event, To Hell With Honor, or play through new episode The Measure of Morality.

Also with this update, the Borg Lock Box now gives you a chance of receiving Hugh’s ship, which has been upgraded to a Borg Juggernaut. Get a hold of this bad boy and you can bend enemy ships to your command. See? Told you peace wouldn’t last long. 

As the Legacy update is a love letter to the past ten years of Star Trek Online, the most popular Task Force Operation, The Mycelial Realm, has been put back into rotation. Remember that one? You should do, as it debuted last year.

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