Corsair Vengeance K70 review

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When it comes to gaming keyboards, it’s all about the mechanical switch keys. Corsair have used them to make some seriously good boards but the new Vengeance K70 is my current favourite. I've been using its keenly admired predecessor, the Vengeance K60, as my main workhorse since the range launched in spring 2012. That wasn't without its problems, but Corsair have listened, and polished up almost all of those faults in this pricey but excellent addition to the series.

Corsair go big on the mini PC chassis

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I’m a big fan of Corsair’s range of PC cases, with the gorgeous Graphite 600T sitting at the top of my personal wish list. But it’s not just the vast PC builds Corsair’s chassis cater for, oh no, they’ve just announced the latest in its Obsidian range, the 350D.

The Obsidian 350D takes its cues from the rest of the range, incorporating versatile cooling options with a stylish, brushed metal finish and clean, simple lines. But this time we’re talking micro ATX and mini-ITX form factors.

Corsair announces the Vengeance K70 fully-mechanical keyboard

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Mechanical keyboards! They're great! Unless you don't like the click-clack, but even if you don't like the click-clack, they're great! They feel so good to use, really, and Corsair's new Vengeance K70 might become a contender. "It's more mechanical" says Corsair, meaning it uses Cherry MX Red switches (which actually aren't too clacky) under every key. It's also got lovely customizable backlighting and contoured WASD keys "so you can find them fast." Well, I think finding WASD is a skill most PC gamers don't need help with, but maybe it's more comfortable.

Corsair Vengeance M65 gaming mouse review

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The Vengeance range of gaming peripherals has been a great success for manufacturer Corsair, and the update to its impressive wee gaming mouse, the Vengeance M65, is going to do nothing to change that.

Corsair pretty much make everything that goes into putting together a gaming PC these days. In fact, I wouldn’t be the least surprised to see them badging up CPUs, motherboards and graphics cards in our Corsair-dominated future. But despite the broadening focus, now encompassing a huge range of components and peripherals, one thing has remained reassuringly constant - an emphasis on quality. So it was with the original Vengeance M60 mouse: a quality gaming rodent, with a 5700 max DPI capability and a rock-solid laser sensor backing it up.

What’s changed with this Vengeance M65 then?

Corsair and Thermaltake supersize their liquid chip-chillers

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In keeping with the wintery theme of today (my Bath office is looking like a snowy scene from a Dickens classic, there’s even an urchin or two out there) Thermaltake and and Corsair want to help you keep cold and have both announced liquid-based CPU coolers with extra-chunky radiators. Corsair’s new H110 and H90 coolers are essentially just slightly larger versions of their H100 and H80, with 280mm and 140mm radiators respectively. Thermaltake though have announced something even more exciting. Mainly because it’s got such a cool name - the Bigwater 760 Pro.

Corsair snaps up peripheral developer, Raptor

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Corsair's quest to shake off its reputation as a purveyor of fine PC memory and replace it with a reputation as purveyor of fine PC memory AND peripherals continues today, as the firm has announced it's to acquire German mouse and keyboard manufacturer Raptor.

Raptor, which was founded in 2004, only started selling outside its native German market recently, and from what I've seen of it in PC Gamer its line-up consists of mostly budget kit and a well priced mechanical keyboard, the K1. Sadly that's the one thing I haven't had chance to review as it's not generally available in the UK.

Corsair launches new cases, coolers and light kits

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What should one call Corsair now that it's no longer easy to pigeon hole as a memory manufacturer or SSD supplier? With its keyboards, cases, mice and headsets it's becoming the company of all things, and there's a couple of quirky new products launched today which expand its oeuvre once again.

Over at CES in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada, Corsair is busy showing off its new Link Commander and Link Cooling kits. The principle behind Link is a complete monitoring and real time tweaking platform for your PC. Heatsinks like the H80 CPU cooler and Airflow Pro memory fan attach to a front panel mounted control box, which in turn is run via Windows desktop software.

Win free admission to Nvidia's GeForce LAN 6 - on a freakin' aircraft carrier [US only]

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Ever gone to a BYOC (bring your own computer) LAN event? Yeah? How about one held aboard a decommissioned aircraft carrier?

No? That’s what we thought—but we, and the good folk at Corsair, are here to make sure you never have to endure the shame of admitting that you’ve never been to a BYOC LAN event on an aircraft carrier ever again. Read on to find out how!

Update: Winners have been drawn!

Corsair gets into keyboards and mice

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Hard drive and case manufacturer Corsair has announced that it's launching its first ever range of gaming keyboards and mice today, with two separate lines dedicated to MMO and FPS gaming.

The K90 MMO keyboard and K90 MMO mouse, along with the FPS friendly K60 and M60 keyboard and mouse have been developed under the auspices of Ruben Mookerjee, who in a previous incarnatiuon oversaw the launch of Logitech's G-series of gear.

Mookerjee takes his new role at Corsair seriously. For some people, he says, getting the right peripherals "is a matter of life or death. At Corsair, we say it's more important than that."

Corsair to launch high-performance, low(ish) cost SSD: hold on if you're planning an upgrade

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Thinking of buying an SSD to speed up your system in the next couple of weeks? If you can hold off for a little while longer you might be doing yourself a favour. News in this morning is that Corsair is launching a new line of solid state drives (SSDs) which are looking particularly promising in terms of price and performance.