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Cellar Door could start working on Rogue Legacy sequel in the next two years

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Cellar Door, the developer behind the excellent Rogue Legacy, has already started working on its next project. The team's not ready to say anything concrete about it yet, but it's notoriously against working within the same genre twice. Does that mean we won't see a Rogue Legacy 2? A recent interview indicates that the game's creators might just make an exception.

Rogue Legacy update will bring a new class, harder bosses and more traits

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As if harder bosses were a thing that Rogue Legacy needed. That's the problem with roguelikes: they turn us all into masochists. Someone should chart the number of people who, having experienced the roguelike boom of the last couple of years, now spend their weekends in seedy industrial clubs getting spanked for pleasure. Alternatively, read on to learn of the less literal spanking the 2D dungeon-crawling roguelike will be administering in the next few days.

Rogue Legacy's Mac and Linux ports "very close", upcoming patch will add new content

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Rogue Legacy's Mac and Linux siblings may have overslept, but soon they'll be able to join the elder, Windows version of the genealogical roguelike. According to Cellar Door, the outsourced ports are "very close" to being done. That won't be the end of development on the game, either, with a patch in the works that aims to bolster the game's considerable difficulty with new content.

How I Game: Teddy Lee — Co-founder, Cellar Door Games

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Most people read textbooks. Teddy Lee, Game Designer at Cellar Door Games, uses them as monitor stands. As the lead designer on Rogue Legacy, he says he also has to deal with dust clumps, screeching monitors, and ugliness.

Rogue Legacy out now: a 2D roguelike about heroism and genealogy

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Rogue Legacy is what the developers call a "rogue-lite," which is, admittedly, a better descriptor than the awful roguelike-like. It's a side-scrolling hack 'n slash platformer that randomly generates its hazard-filled castle. In typical roguelike fashion, you will die a lot, and when you do, it's your children that continue the family business of heroing. As the trailer explains, those heirs can have some peculiar genetic traits.