DuckTales: Remastered review

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Swan-diving into a vault of gold is a funny thing. On the one hand, you’ve got so much gold, you can swim in the stuff. On the other, gold is a soft metal, but it’s not that soft. As you’re barreling towards your fortune at 9.8 meters per second, thinking about how lucky you are, you’ll have just enough time to realize what a silly decision you’ve made before breaking your face on a glimmering treasure pool. I had a similar experience as I nostalgia-dove into DuckTales: Remastered 17 years after my first experience with the original 1989 NES version.

DuckTales Remastered shows off 30 minutes of new footage at Comic-Con

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DuckTales Remastered is a thing that exists, and now it's a thing with a whole load of gameplay footage to pore over, so we can decide whether it lives up to the well-regarded NES original. Capcom took the HD remake to Comic-Con this weekend, and Destructoid captured thirty minutes of video of the Himalayas stage, which is not quite up there with the moon stage in terms of catchy chiptune noises, but still. In other news, no one appears to be working on a Chip 'n' Dale remake, so there's obviously no justice in the universe.

Strider being remade by Capcom, plans to flip onto PCs next year

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Strider! Apparently it was a beloved side-scrolling arcade platformer made by Capcom. It's coming back, for PC and other electronic entertainment devices. This is probably good news. Unfortunately, Britain never had the same arcade culture enjoyed by America and Japan. Sometimes you'd find the occasional cabinet devoted to synapse-firing displays of sound and light. More often, it was rows of machines where you'd insert a penny, which would fall into a pile of pennies, and maybe help push more pennies out for you to collect. You didn't really want to win those - there are very few situations in which having to carry a lot of pennies is a 'reward'.

What I'm basically saying is that I'm not familiar with the original series. Luckily, there's a trailer that shows off this return.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 announced - brings new characters and modes to the existing game

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At last weekend's EVO 2013 event, Capcom announced the next stage of their endlessly iterative fighting series, Ultra Street Fighter IV; planned as a DLC upgrade to the existing word jumble that is Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition. It will add the returning characters Elena, Rolento, Hugo, and Poison - who to my untrained eyes are possibly the line up of an '80s New Wave band - along with a fifth mystery pugilist.

Remember Me review

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Set in a cyberpunk vision of Paris where memory is currency, Remember Me is a third-person action-adventure teenager. It badly wants to impress its peers – and you – with its sheer weight of selfconscious stuff. On top of all the conventional action-adventure jumping and running, it throws in stealth sequences, rooftop chases, platforming and a splash of something uniquely its own. Heck, there’s even a heroine who isn’t a walking pair of mammaries, just for good measure.

Much like a teenager, Remember Me is a little awkward, and prone to taking its cue from others. As its protagonist, Nilin, wobbles theatrically into the introductory sequence, the credits cutting in at intervals, it’s hard not to feel a painful twinge of cyberpunk deja vu. It’s the oldest story in the dystopian book: amnesiac ex-badass finds herself inexplicably embroiled in a revolution and also the quarry of a menacing mega-corporation.

DuckTales Remastered confirmed for PC

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Capcom have confirmed that DuckTales Remastered, their self-explanatory HD remake of NES game DuckTales, will be making its way to our PCs. As we've previously learned, the game's Moon Theme is the only way our former web-editor Marsh Davies is able to function as a human being, so this is bound to be good news for him. And for people who enjoyed the original game too, I guess.

Remember Me trailer explains how we'll play the game of mind games

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The latest trailer for Capcom's Remember Me spends six-and-a-half minutes explaining its backstory, memory modification techniques, and cute made-up words like "Remembrane." As a gifted "memory hunter" in Neo-Paris, you'll do sci-fi stuff to steal and remix other people's memories for your own ends. Want to take out a guard? Make him think he murdered his wife so he commits suicide! Wait, that's...damn, you're a psycho.

Resident Evil Revelations bigs up horror aspect in latest trailer

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Resident Evil Revelations is probably the most satisfying RE of recent years (on the 3DS at least - I've not played this Revmake), and that isn't so much a compliment as a reminder of how confused the series has become since the triumphant Resident Evil 4. This previously handheld-only side-story returns to the game's roots somewhat, boasting claustrophobic environments and even a few shocks, admittedly while retaining quite a lot of shooty moments. In the first of a series of developer diaries, Capcom are reaffirming their dedication to 'Heritage and Horror', which is coincidentally the title of my screenplay about a series of grisly murders in a National Trust house. Resident Evil Revelations is out on May 21st in the US, and May 24th in the UK and Australia.

Capcom announces minimum PC requirements for Remember Me

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Capcom's third-person action / memory hacking game Remember Me will release in early June, and if you've paid attention to recent trailers you'll know it looks very pretty. If you're keen to hack memories as a spec ops martial arts expert in an eerie, futuristic Paris, you'll need to horsepower. So here are the minimum and suggested PC specifications.

Remember Me trailer assaults you with its bad guys

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Here's a new trailer for Capcom's upcoming third-person memory remixing action game, Remember Me. Officially it's called the "Enemies" trailer, but the "Ow, I have a headache now" trailer might be a more fitting name. In it you'll find fast cuts, flashing lights, glitchy effects and some music that I'm tempted to call dubstep, if only to wind up those people that are very passionate about strict genre classifications.

Resident Evil: Revelations screenshots much prettier than the 3DS version, obviously

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While it may be hard to muster enthusiasm for a PC port of a 3DS game, these new PC-specific Resident Evil: Revelations screenshots look pretty decent, considering the game's origins. The back-to-roots survival horror outing releases May 21 in the US and May 24 in Europe and Australia, and Capcom has provided PC specs for the game. They're a little surprising given the game's handheld origins but the game has been given a full HD makeover, so keep that in mind.

Capcom says "hang tight" for DuckTales Remastered PC confirmation

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Capcom struck all kinds of mallard-related nostalgia at last weekend's PAX East with its announcement of DuckTales Remastered, an HD update of the classic 1990 platformer based off the cartoon with a theme-song chorus you can't really forget. The return of Scrooge, Launchpad, Huey, Dewey, and Louie, and the rest of the cast is cane-hopping over to just consoles for now, but a Capcom forum post by Senior Vice President Christian Svensson states he's "working on" getting a PC version underway.

Resident Evil 6 trailer shows Left 4 Dead 2 crossover cameos, roundhouse kicks

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Resident Evil 6 is out on PC starting today, and as announced by Capcom last week, it will feature PC zombie-slayers Coach, Ellis, Nick, and Rochelle from Left 4 Dead 2 in the exclusive Mercenaries No Mercy mode. A new trailer shows them doing what they do best, but the crossover hop seems to have bestowed the foursome with a repertoire of hilariously dramatic melee moves. There's no reason why the barrel-chested Coach would choose to shoulder-check through a horde before roll-diving away to blast an RPG at point blank, but damn if it isn't stylish.

Remember Me developer struggled with securing a publisher over female protagonist

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Remember Me is an upcoming action-adventure game combining stealth, parkour, cyberpunk, and the Inception-like concept of memory alteration. An amazing pitch, one sure to woo plenty publishers—oh, wait, the main character is a lady. Pass. That's essentially what developer Dontnod Entertainment experienced while shopping its game to prospective funders, and in an interview with Penny Arcade, creative director Jean-Maxime Moris says the studio was told more than once that "You can't have a female character in games."

Resident Evil: Revelations PC will feature ultra-difficult 'Infernal Mode'; aims to test your sanity

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Remember Me gets a release date and memorable new trailer

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The writers of Remember Me are going to great lengths to let you know their game takes place in the future. For starters, it's set in Neo Paris. Also there's a character called Edge, the sort of name that could only come about in the dystopian vision of a world where celebrity baby naming gets extreme. I'm actually amazed that they haven't included a device that plugs into your head and overlays glitchy VR graphics throughout the world... OH NO WAIT, THEY HAVE.

Resident Evil 6 benchmarking tool prepares your PC for the coming horror

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Whether you want to play Resident Evil 6 is a matter best left to reviews. Whether you can play it is something we can answer right now. Nvidia and Capcom have teamed up to create a benchmark app for the upcoming action horror sequel. Think of it as a separate game for you PC, in which it's forced to battle with extreme hordes of polygons and lighting. It's even given a score and end-of-level Resi-rank.

Capcom teases Panta Rhei engine and Deep Down at PS4 press conference

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At Sony's PlayStation 4 reveal earlier today, Capcom announced a new game engine named Panta Rhei and a game tentatively titled Deep Down. As Capcom has a history of porting its games to PC, and the PlayStation 4 is essentially a custom PC, we can probably expect to see the fantasy action game come our way.

DmC: Devil May Cry review

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This was supposed to be terrible. One of Capcom Japan’s most revered third-person action game series handed off to Ninja Theory, the Cambridge studio behind PS3 stinker Heavenly Sword. Dante’s white-haired anime cool was ditched, the new model all surly and (gasp!) Western-looking. It was bound to be a stinker, this most hardcore of hack-and-slashers in this most Japanese of genres, passed to a UK studio with an average track record, focus-tested on idiots and dumbed down beyond recognition. An insult to a beloved series. DmC: Devil May Cry, however, is great.

Remember Me trailer plays glitchy piano music, shows clumsy androids

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I don't care if I'm playing an elite memory-eraser hopping across the rooftops of a cluttered Neo-Paris, I still want my money back if the robo-pianist I'm listening to shorts a circuit halfway through a sonata. That doesn't seem to faze Nilin, the wild-haired, guard-punching heroine of Dotnod's cinematic fight-and-flight Remember Me.