Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock incoming, explore time and relative dimensions in space "soon"

Tom Senior at

The BBC have sent word that a new Doctor Who game is hurtling through time and space towards our hard drives. It's called Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock and will be available as a digital download "soon." The teaser trailer above shows the Tardis tumbling through a clock the size of the universe. It's probably a figurative bit of visual flair, but the idea of fizzing through the galaxy in the Doctor's blue box, popping in the clockwork of the cosmos is a good one, and a fitting task for a Time Lord.

Saturday Crapshoot: Dalek Attack

Richard Cobbett at

Every week, Richard Cobbett rolls the dice to bring you an obscure slice of gaming history, from lost gems to weapons grade atrocities. This week… knock knock!

In just a few short hours, it'll be time to wave goodbye to the 2011 series of Doctor Who until Christmas. What can we expect from the final episode? Time-bending weirdness, no doubt. Light-hearted banter. Heartwarming scenes and/or heartbreaking drama. If it followed the example of Dalek Attack though, it'd start with the Doctor saying "I use guns now. Guns are cool!" and then heading off on a universe spanning adventure to blow up every single alien who's ever gotten in his face.

(Well, as long as he started with the Slitheen, I could probably tolerate it...)

But does spectacularly missing the point of the entire character to churn out a dreadful platform game make Dalek Attack a bad game in its own right? No, but that's okay. The jumping, shooting, difficulty, graphics, sound and everything else are all on-board to help out, as the Doctor has the kind of day that makes repeatedly getting shot by an impossible astronaut seem positively relaxing...

BBC journalist re-fights WWII in Hearts of Iron

Matt Purslow at

In a fascinating post on his blog Idle Scrawl, BBC's Newsnight economics editor Paul Mason attempts to re-fight the Second World War in Hearts of Iron III in order to try out a popular theory that the war could have ended far sooner had things worked out differently. Read on to learn how he did.

Doctor Who episode 4 is out in UK and on sale in US

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The fourth outing for the digital doctor has just been released for free in the UK. It starts with Amy and the Doctor trapped in an underwater base being menaced by a giant space shark, and gets more crazy from there. There's good news for Doctor Who fans across the pond, because this episode will also be sold as a digital download on Direct2Drive. Read on for details.

You can fly the TARDIS in 3rd Dr Who game

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In the newest episode of Dr Who Adventures, players will be able to explore and control the TARDIS - the Doctor's non-euclidean time-and-space-ship which resembles an old Police call box on the outside, and houses several mansion-like rooms on the inside. Controlling the TARDIS, though? HMMM.